What now

When I’m too free, I ask myself-am i happy with, wad I am, where I am and who I am.

As fickle-minded as a woman can be, I can say I’m rather contented with now. Maybe it was the great chicken soup that’s kicking in(yup, i can be contented quite easily).

Maybe I’m at a stage where i want to push my limits.

Sometimes, I feel contented only when I manage to find that pair of shoe that “wow” me. Other times, i feel pissed even many rounds of retail therapy.

Sometimes, I’m happy with a simple chat, concern, smile, gesture. And when I think back, they still do bring a smile. Other times, I wonder why do i even bother remember when others may not even bother remembering. Then again, forgetting may not mean it’s not important. To each his own, maybe?

Sometimes, I get irritated when I think I’ve been remaining stagnant for too long, no progress, and I’m wasting my time. Other times, I appreciate the fact that there is stability and that things are kept simple and sweet.

Sometimes, I embrace my curves and think I should be thankful for what I have. Other times, I hate them, thinking that means I’ve got loads of weight to lose before they disappear.

Sometimes, I think I’m trapped and I should be out there, doing someting different, living life. Other times, I think this is life, my life-full of ups and down, many wrongs and little rights. I’ll learn as I live.

Maybe a balance is always good. We always have to look from both sides, don’t we?(ok ok, I think I’m just excusing myself for being so fickle-minded, sometimes. or no, most of the time? but somtimes sounds better right?)

haha, that’s moi in total fickle mode, which doesn’t occur too regularly. Does it?


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