I’m 2 steps behind.

Chocolate-coated rainbows and cotton candy skies.


Hi, I’m a drama queen. You?

Disappointment. Anticipation. Excitment. All jumbled up in me.

I won’t say that i’m the saddest person on earth, tho I ain’t very happy, all at the same time. But I was said to have the heartiest laughter and laugh like it’s the funniest thing on Earth.

Little wonder I’m called Drama Queen. I choose to show what i want–When I ain’t happy, I laugh to mask it. When I want to make others feel happy, I laugh at their joke/comments like I really love it.

I think I’m on my way to a postsecret’s postcard.

I’m praying for the strength I once had.


慢慢失忆– 所有和你的事情必须忘记。

爱的盆地, 深怕在一滴眼泪就会决堤。


慢慢心痛– 没人发现我和从前不同。

你的眼中, 看得出另一个人给的感动。


应该放晴的天气, 还下雨– 别这样下去。我难过,但说不出来。

一只逃避– 以为闭上眼睛就能忘记。我的记忆还不停播放着我们绕过的许多街头。红灯,闪烁停驻的街道。蓝天,绿叶的熟悉,不同面貌。





Post Secret Sunday


Sometimes, all we really need is a little patience.


There’s a girl, with a story to tell.

And she’s still thinking if it’s the right decision to make.

To be precise, it would be a painfully right decision to make.

Macaron (con’t)

We were the first customers to step into Macaron. Greeted by a unique smell, Shoe and I were certain this was going to be unique experience already. Singapore’s first stylish new dessert restuarant is a 32-seater, proper sit-down restuarant. The waiter who showed us in the restaurant cheekily said, “I usually don’t do this, but ladies, where do you prefer to sit?”

I chose the seat at the corner of the restuarant which had warm lighting, which extended a welcoming feeling. As we were comfortabily seated in our seats, we were transfixed by the selection in the menu. We settled for the 6 course dinner which consist of 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert amuse, 1 dessert glass, 1 grand dessert and 1 petit four. For a 6 course dinner like that, it cost about $70-80 per person.




The great ambience in Macaron, which I personally found very romantic.


Bread served with Extra Virgin Olive oil, butter and sea salt.


Cocktail–Bangkok Blues


My Appetizer- King Salmon Tartare.

Has ikura, vanilla pineapple confit, tomato, citrus vinaigrette and petit salad.

Personally, I ain’t a great fan of salmon, but this dish was light, and went well with the salad with Sunflower seeds.


Shoe’s Appetizer- Pulpo

Has aioli, sauteed potato, parika “air” and extra virgin olive oil.



My Entree- Pan-fried ‘magret’ Duck breast

With chocolate orange jam, sauteed pear, and roasted hazelnuts.

I loved that combination of duck breast and chocolate orange jam. For those who know me well enough, I don’t eat fats, but for this dish, I loved the fats! Loook at the layer of fats! Sorry, this place ain;t for people who calorie-count. I’m guilty of that at times, but come on! Know when to enjoy.


Shoe’s Entree- Foie Gras

With apple compote, cassis soulis, broche square and baby spinach.

Oh, I loved this dish too!

After eating the Entrees, we were sure that we made the right choice to visit this place. Every bit of the food provides you with a pleasant surprise.



My Dessert Amuse- Flambe Banana

With milk chocolate yograt, lemon cloud(yes, lemon cloud! look at how i scooped it up!) and cirtus crumble.

This was when Shoe said I started heaving sighs of pleasure…


Shoe’s Dessert Amuse- Chocolate Sorbet

With blood orange jelly(something I never tried before), orange confit, and orange caramel.


My Dessert Glass- Rasberry Granite(which I must confess, the Geograpgy major in me made me very very intriged by it’s name)

With milk chocolate foam, home-made hazelnut praline, and hazelnut nougatine.

The rasberry granite was so interesting! and the chocolate foam was hidden with many many surprises too!


Shoe’s Desset Glass- Cream Cheese Sorbet

With peach cream, almond nougatine and apricot confit.



My Grand Dessert- One Two Tea

With rasberry espuma, milk chocolate tea parfait, chocolate tea cream and cocoa bean tuile.


Shoe’s Grand Dessert- Violette

With violet ice-cream, strawberry marmalade, strawberry paper, cassis couis ad violet meringue.

Look at the strawberry paper. It’s like paper, but tastes just like strawberry!


Our petit four.

I started with the Vanilla Pate de Fruit(middle), then the exotic caramel and dark chocolate(left) before my favorite truffle and hazelnut macaron(right).

Oh, and the waiters, when serving you, would give you an introduction of the food, which kinda made me feel like in lectures!

Our experience at Macaron was a great one. Now, I finally found a place to hold my wedding. For those who don’t know, my ideal wedding would consist of  10 courses of desserts only! Not for people who don’t know how to appreciate good desserts and the diabetic of cos!

Like I’ve said, Macaron is my new fave restuarant, especially after “ah-seah” at the raffles hotel stopped selling my favourite carrot cake.

I definately look forward to visiting Macaron again.

Hopefully, it wouldn’t be soon before long.

p.s.I’m one very happy girl now. I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt so carefree in such a long time. I’m determined to stay this way. =)

p.s.s. I love taking pics of food!

Girls’ Night out

Met Eva and Cindy for a girls’ night out at Clarke Quay. But we were kinda early  and the clubs weren’t heated up, so we headed to a very beautiful Dessert Patisserie.



Strawberry Shortcake with unique crust.


Their house recommendation. A kinda milk chocolate cake. It didn’t blow me away, but it wasn’t bad. Maybe just not Fantastic.


Next up, The Clinic. Maybe we were there early, it was boring! A redeeming factor, they were playing “Candyman”!


So we left for MOS! They gave free goodie bags to the ladies. In it, there’s Lacoste Perfume sample, Anna Sui vouchers and some other stuff. Love the Anna Sui voucher!

Seriously, I ain’t a clubbing kinda girl. I think it’s boring-either getting strange guys who wanna dance with you, or, girls who are dead drunk. Wad’s new huh?

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