Is talk, that cheap?

Recently, I got to thinking about relationships.

Pardon me for the random post of many questions, for I was in a stage of confusion at that time. Not that I’m feeling any better now. It’s strange isn’t it? To have a girl who seem intimidating, fierce and what-say-you, to have time where by she gets to think that she isn’t in control. It’s one big scary situation.

Seriously, I do think I’ve got problems drawing boundaries sometimes.

I wonder if keeping the friendly distance is always good? Look if we were to draw the line and keep the friendly distance all the time, would we still stand a chance to know someone at a deeper level? Wouldn’t we always be functioning as individuals?

When I give, I expect to receive-and maybe that is the problem with me.

I think I’ve yet to learn. Like I’ve said, I do believe that I’m very much in control when it comes to other aspects of life. But when it comes to a problem on relationships, I’m always at lost. Quite a irony, isn’t it? Especially when I always have people telling me about their problems.

Afterall, it’s easier to dish out advises when you’re not the one facing the problem.

Talk is cheap. Prove me wrong.

Maybe the day I can’t be bothered to give assurance anymore, can’t be bothered to bother anymore, I would officially be numb.

On the bright side(or brighter side), I’m going to Macaron! Company at last! I’m so excited that I’m even planning for my menu now! Loads of pics to be taken man!

It’s hard to get company these days, ain’t it? Like how I’m going to watch the Gwen Stefanie concert alone. Just tell me who goes to watch a concert alone? A music concert! Where everyone goes there to party and groove to the music! But well, not having company ain’t hindering me from pampering myself. Still, it’s strange. It feels like I’m some kinda old, strange, intimidating, menopausal spinster. Times like these I can really visualising myself that way. It’s like fast forwarding my live to see how I would be like in 20 years.

It looks as though, you’re letting go. If it’s really real, I don’t want to know. Memories-can be inviting, but altogether mighty fightening. With my head in my hand, I sit and cry. It’s all ending, we’ve got to stop pretending who we are. You and me-I can see us dying. Are we?

Listening to “Don’t speak” makes my heart ache, literally, with the choking feeling at my throat.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shujun87
    Jul 20, 2007 @ 09:50:21

    I’ve got a list of stuff I wanna try! 😀

  2. jaslin
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 10:23:32

    Bring it on!

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