Tell me where it hurts

Did they ever give you a reason to believe in something different?
If you’re looking for love, for what it’s worth-I have plenty of it lying around here somewhere.

If you are looking for disappointment, you can find it around any corner.
In the middle of the night, I hold on to you tight so both of us can feel protected.

I’ve been loved but I didn’t know how to feel it.
And I’ve been adored but I don’t know if I ever believed it.
I’ve been loved my whole life but I didn’t know how to take it.

So tell me where it hurts, to hell with everybody else.
All I care about is you and that’s the truth.
They don’t love me-I can tell.
But you do, so they can go to h*ll.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. YS
    Jul 23, 2007 @ 21:18:49

    Test….love is selfish. hm. But i still don’t recommend u tell others to go to hell.

  2. jaslin
    Jul 23, 2007 @ 22:13:43

    Haha, i selected some part of a Garbage’s song cos I thot it was quite beautiful. Yea, the “h*ll” thing is quite in the face.

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