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Here are some of the pictures I took while I was walking from Suntec to the Indoor Stadium just 2 weeks ago. I always love the waterfront for they grant me a sense of serenity.


My first teachers’ day present this year, from my student whom I’ve been teaching for 1 year and 3 months. On the card, she wrote,

” Dear Jaslin,

you are a great teacher. I wish that you will teach in Raffles Girls’ School beacause I know that when you start teaching I will be in secondary school. Can you please do that?

From: Sharmaine, your studend” (a cute spelling mistake she made, shall ask her about it next week and make sure it was an accident)

Simple things like that really make my day, and surly, it makes me think about which career path I would want to embark upon. Tough choice.

As I was reading her card, I smiled. The innocence of a 7 year old girl, those words sure mean a lot. At least, I’m sure she meant what she wrote.

Maybe as we grow older, credibilty of our words fall. Maybe that is why an apology from me don’t seem to be working, whether over the blog or sms-es. And I do get the message judging by your response but as cheap as my words may seem to some, they are not, not to me.

And YS and reen just set up an online shop, Go do some shopping! They have beautiful stuff! Go do some retail therapy online now!

I’m a radical girl who does radical things.

So as the title of this entry suggest, this would be the last entry here. Haha, maybe it’s the large amount of pics I post here, memory seem to be running out and I really love this domain, so I guess I’ll keep this blog, move onto a new one hopefully not for long (cos i really love this one), till I’ve decided to upgrade my account.

And a big thank you to those who reads this blog, whether I know you or not.

For those who had enough of me, this is the last entry. For those whom I’m confident can’t get enough of me(haha-i know my sense of humour is just quite screwed)… …

Till then, it has been good blogging here and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.


That happy girl


As we were the only ones left in the room, belting out number after number, I realise I’m a girl who don’t need too much to make me happy.

The simple, little things would do.

Having a good meal, following by desserts, with great company makes me one.

Being able to stand on stage and sing what I love to makes me one.

Seeing that I make someone else feel loved and happy makes me one.

Watching a worthy concert makes me one.

Reading my fave chick lit makes me one.

Eating quality alcoholic chocs makes me one.

Smoothering myself with moisturiser every night makes me one.

Having the same old toast for breakfast makes me one.

Repeating the same old exercise regime everyday makes me one.

Eating fruits for lunch makes me one.

Chatting under the stars makes me one.

Listening to “All I want for Christmas is you” makes me one.

But of course, sometimes, I do ask for more. Everyone is guilty of that right?

Then again, I do deserve some good-old pampering from time to time.

Now and then.

I kinda dislike going to school on fridays cos the weekends are coming and it time to party! But but but, today was a fairly interesting day at school. Saw things which took me by a big big surprise and in fact, wowed me(I’m going to start seeing some people from an entirely different perspective), and, learnt about things I can’t believe I never knew.

My sociology lecturer said, “So you come to NUS, find a girlfriend, graduate, find a job, get married, apply for a HDB, have children, work and die. In the past, students rally together with workers, get involved in politics and riots, speak their minds and held firmly to what they believe in, and even burnt buses. SO in comparision, you all are quite boring.”

That really tickled me, for that moment. Looking back, it’s true. It’s sad that as the society progresses, we, students, or as you like, young adults are just so pre-occupied in studies and mugging that we forget it’s a big big world out there. Haha, of cos, I ain’t speaking for the young adults in the same age as me, maybe I’m the only ignorant one to not be out there, not making a real difference (cliche as it sounds, I know).

 I don’t know if anyone feels the same way as me, but for me, I always been waiting for a big break, a big wow, something that really makes me feel “I’m really living!” but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my undergrad life now. School is good, but I’v always felt that besides school, there is something, something else that I can embark upon too.

As of now, I can’t exactly tell you what it is that would make me feel that way–maybe singing, or maybe fashion. Hmm, I don’t know.

Maybe you can tell me times have changed.

Incomplete. entry.

I was making my way home after a really heavy lecture (about Marxism, Enviromental Determinism, Possibilism, and a whole load that I can’t remember), and I realise something was not quite right. I was not quite myself.

In my mind, I kept recalling what I said, my words, your lost reaction. Over and over again. You were lost, not knowing where we are heading. And I was lost too. What was I suppose to say?

Maybe I should have talked about it long ago, instead of dropping an emotional bomb.

I should have thought about what I was about to say.

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along”–I should have remembered that.

My heart is full and my door is always open, you can come anytime you want, just so you know.

I think the best I can say is– I’m sorry.

Mama Mia

Popped in Remy Martin Congnac Chocolates first thing in the morning.

Wad’s wrong with me?

As much as I love the chocolates, I have to say that chocolates and jogging doesn’t go. So never pop in alcoholic chocs before you go for your jog. They kinda rhyme, don’t they?



Need to watch something that would make you feel GOOD?

Go watch Hairspray!

Promise you loads of hearty laughter!

Great songs and dance moves! I’m so gonna get the soundtrack man.

For those who don’t know, it’s actually a broadway production. And seriously, it’s a feel-good musical (I love musicals!). I swear eveyone who was in the cinema was smiling. Even as we left the cinema, we looked around and saw people looking at the screen(very colourful scenes, even for the acknowledgments) smiling.

Click here for trailer.

And sadly, I realise that “No resevations”(I was told that as I was watching the trailer, I was smiling to myself! Can’t help! It’s so…)only opens on the 6th of Sep. Oh well, that leaves me for “Ratatouille” next week!

Thank god for blessing me with a wonderful movie partner!

Yes. I did.


So one day, when you finally realise I’m not there anymore.

No more words, no more concern, no more presence. Without warning.

Don’t panic.

You don’t have to.

Stop pushing me away.


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