10 things you need to know about me

1) I’v picked up 3 rabbits and 1 kitten from the streets on different occasions. My mum says she’ll throw me out of the house if I pick any more animals home.

2) I can’t drink any liquids before performances or I’ll think that my voice is gonna crack.

3) I have to jog before having my breakfast or I’ll feel like I’ve got no appetite for it. And when I jog, I’ll lip-sync to what my iPod is playing. Sometimes, I dance…yes, dance. I jog at 5 in the morning! You think anyone is gonna realise that I’m dancing while jogging? Don’t ask me how and why I do it–I’m cranky at times.

4) I play the Guzheng, and many people don’t believe that I do so. A pity, I don’t have a chance to play them now.

5) I can change up to 7 sets of clothes in 5 mins just to go out to shop, or for school simply because I don’t feel good in wad I’m wearing.

6) I prefer walking in heels than flats cos I find it quite difficult to walk in flats. Ideally, I hope to find a good pair of heels to buy every month. That would make me on happy girl.

7) I don’t mind going for a concert, or anything alone. I find that rather therapeutic beacuse it’s quality time spent with me, myself and I. Besides, I don’t like to ask for company, somehow, I’ve this inner fear that the person would think I need company and would die without it (yes, I Hate to have someone say I’m dependent)- I’m fine without company, just need my iPod.

8) I have a habit of looking at myself on every reflective surface. Just yesterday, I was sitting down, waiting..and I was getting kinda bored, so I took out the DVD from its cover just to look at myself. I gave Fe quite a shock.

9) I may look like a girl, but I shop like a guy. I zoom in and buy wad I want and zoom out almost immediately. Plus, I take a longer time to choose which cake I wanna eat, than which pair of shoes I wanna buy. Oh, but I do take quite some time to decide which colour of eye shadow, lip colour, gloss. Plus I love shopping alone, and then surprising people with my buys.

10) I love cooking and baking. But I need a quiet kitchen with music playing, so I usually plug into my iPod. And I love shopping at supermarkets. Without fail, I’ll visit the supermarket everytime I visit a new country. Quite auntie, I know. But I believe that to understande one’s culture and eating habits better, where else is better? You can observe if people queue up, what kinda food they have in their trollies, eat balance meals and if they even cook!

Yun, this is for you! =)

我因该就走开, 我因该就放开。没有一句怨言。

I’m surprise I’ve got no questions from anyone to ask if I’m ok(besides ming) as I was looking through my depressing chinese entry. (Read, I used “surprise”, not “shock”). Mayb I should stick to English?

Anyway, I can’t wiat for Christmas to come–It’s the season of love!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kuanz
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 23:17:09

    Hi jas! I see we have some similar interests =) And “Irreplaceable” keeps playing on and on and on in my head, I think I might have been missing you too much. Hahaha!

  2. yunjoy
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 14:01:54

    you ish must jiayou. will be supporting you no matter what! =)

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