Post Secret Sunday/ Irreplaceable?

There are 2 types of secrets:

1)The type you keep from the world,

2) the type you hide from yourself


Somehow, somewhere inside me, I’m really looking forward to going back to school! I think I love being a student- slacking thru, going to vivo, heading straight to Zara, endless gossips with different people, the late evening pracs, and of cos, people watching, borrowing of refererence like a mad woman, waiting for 10 and cursing and swearing cos it takes forever to come!

Soon, the 3 months holiday would be over. I’ve been a lucky girl to be able travel to 3 countries in a month, enjoying each trip and returning back safely. Being able to work at my old workplace, allowing me to go back, know some people better, shapening some social skills.

Geez, there were things I wanted to do, but obviously didn’t. An things I didn’t anticipate happening, which happened.I’m glad it happened. -)

I was shopping, plugging to my iPod, thinking about some stuff when “irreplaceable” played-how apt. haha, so I smiled.

To the left, to the left. You got me twisted-I can have another you in a minute, so don’t you ever for a second think you’re irreplaceable…(I’m so gonna jog to with this song tml)

Let’s groove like Beyonce! Just be careful not to fall.

What if, What if, What if?

Geez, Why do they all say the same thing?


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