Pearls with soya bean milk

Just realised that I’ve yet another fave drink- Soya bean milk with pearls, less sugar.

Yummy and it really fills me up. And I realise that I’m slowly falling in love with the pearls in the drink. I think it’s because my mouth needs to move-either talk, or chew! muhaha

Seems like many people are in a good mood today. When i was looking out for traffic before jay-walking, the man in the car smiled and allowed me to go first. And the doctor whom my aunt says is very quiet, talked quite a lot to me. After leaving the clinic, as I was walking down the streets, ramdom people smiled at me. Some times, when that happens, I’ll take my mirror out to make sure there isn’t anything funny on my face!

A timetable with no lessons on Monday, I truly know what a Monday-blue-less Monday feels like.

Gwen Stefani tomorrow!


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  1. Reen
    Aug 14, 2007 @ 02:30:23

    No monday blues, but there’s tuesday blues!! For me that is. hahaha. see u in sch!

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