Was at NUH yesterday evening.

Waited for 3 hours.

It wasn’t the blood I saw, or the moans I heard that made me anxious.

It was whether he was going to be alright.

He will be.


Behind the Steering wheel


I’m feeling very unsettled now.

All because I didn’t do 4 U turns beautifully.

It was all good at Ubi.

Somehow, I seem to have a fear doing it at Hougang.

Damn, and I ain’t having driving lessons for one month.

It’s gonna get pretty rusty. So he my instructor said it was ok, since I’m gonna stop for a month and is bound to forget some stuff.

Thinking back, I realised I held on to the steering wheel for too long. After doing the double turn, I should have let go, which I didn’t.

I held on too tight. And my instructor looked at me and said, “You should have release the wheel earlier.”

Yes, I almost forgot. Now, I remember.

My instructor and I had a good talk in the car.

Interestingly, he told me what kind of man I should beware of.

It came at the right time.

More than words

Words so simple, yet from deep within the heart,

those words of raw emotions filled with angst, pain and love.



“If you start helping me, being there for me, no good can come out of it.

Because what happens if you’re not around one day? You maybe out of town, busy, or we can just fall out.

That happens.

Then what is going to happen to me? Learn to be independent again?

That ain’t easy, and I hate doing that.”


Was doing my late night jog, while I was thinking about “Objection”.

I have a Crazy idea–I think I should tango at the beginning of the song.

So who knows how to tango? ok, I can’t stop laughing to myself!

Damn, I missed the OktoberFest. Should have thought about it when I was walking along Clarke Quay that night when I saw the tent!

I know it’s the truth, but don’t say it. Shh. I ain’t interested.

Scents and Sensibilities

Yup, Scents and sensibilites. Personally, I feel that the different scents I use gives me a different kind of confidence. But maybe it ain’t that easy to tell them apart if you’re not a perfume wearer.

Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel.


Mademoiselle is a light, sensual fragrance, seductive and distinctively modern. A subtle blend that emphasises the fierce independence of a sexy, captivating woman. The base notes of this fragrance brings out the causual, sexy charm with a hint of masculinity. Ben using it for about 2 years, after my elder sis bought it from Paris for me for my 18th Birthday. A good scent to use when I wanna feel more “lady” than “girly”, plus, I love it that it has a hint of masculinity–I always think it’s sexy when a woman dares carry of a man’s scent. Hence, I wear it almost on a daily basis, especially when I need a boost of confidence that day.

Dolly Girl Bonjour L’Amour, Anna Sui


Dolly Girl is a tale of innocence and flirtation. This scent brings you to the Dolly Girl’s Parisian world of romance, haute corture, allure with chic elegance with fruity fragrance. Dolly Girl celebrates a lady’s contridiction of cute and sexy with a scetn that is provocative, flirtatious, precocious and just a bit naughty
Was introduced to this frangrace when I was in Hokkaido, and yes, I feel in love with is cos it smeels sweet, yet it isn’t overly sweet, plus, it has a refreshing hint to it. I usually wear it when I’m in skirts, shopping, or a girls’ night out.

Treson, Lancome


This scent remains to be one of my fave because it brings me back to my childhood days. Whenever I smell this, I remember those days I sit on my mum’s bed, while looking at her prepare herself for work, in the morning at 8. It’s like some kinda of ritual for her to spray this on herself before leaving home.

Miracle, Lancome


This is one of the fragrance I use when I need to put on perfume (yup, I feel uncomfy leaving the house without a fragrance on me, maybe it’s in our genes, cos my mum and sisters have the same habit too!) but don’t feel like using those I usually use. It has a modern, sophisticated feel to it. However, the thing about this scent that does not go very well with me is that it is peppered with ginger, and that kinda makes me feel damn fierce and agitated! haha!

How Friday evenings should be like

My friend passed me one of these postcards, and told me to write my secret on it…


So the first thing which came to my mind was “wow! it’s like Post Secrets! Uber cool!”

I was thinkg about what I have to write, and then, I saw “Bedside Secrets”.. Hmm, taking a closer look at it, I realised it’s for people who are “Dying to tell someone your bedside secrets, to share your wildest fantasies” (according to the postcard).

I looked so amused that my friend asked, “You want more? I’ve got a lot here”

haha, then I thought, “Hmm, do I look like I’ve so many bedroom fantasies?”

And for those who are wondering if I have written any secret fantasies yet, the answer is no…

It’s suppose to be a secret..somehow, I feel someone may read and recognise my handwriting lah! It’s going to placed at the walkway from the Arts to the Central Library!

But maybe maybe, I might just write one down.

Went to Central to shop! Wanted to but a pain of killer, to-die-for heels, but I figured it would not be too practical..and maybe I should have gotten it from Guess then..Yup, I’m sucker for Guess..oh, Raoul has good designs for clothes too! and it’s a Singapore brand managed by FJ Benjamin! Speaking of fashion, I was looking at schools which provides degree for Fashion design..cos I may wanna do another degree after this NUS one. In Singapore, it seems like only La Salle provides them? So maybe overseas would be good. Hmm, networking is very important. Seems like I need to do some serious planning.

My sis bought this yummy little donuts, and hell yes, they taste quite good.


And we were resting while we saw a model in the middle of a table full of chocs! Apparently, they are having some choc fashion show tomorrow!


The model


Close up of the chocs


If you’re thinking that since they’re free, they ain’t nice, you’re really wrong.

Then we went to Azabu Sabo for desserts! Cos my sis said they’ve got good Green tea ice-cream.


Great ambience, and good service(much much better than the one at Marina Sq), I was impressed!


Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste and gluntinous rice balls


Azuki (Red bean) Milk shake


I’ve to say the milk shake could have been more red-beanful for a red bean lover like me!

Then we went to Cafe Iguna for Shi Yun’s birthday, along with my sis, Sharon and Jeremy!

It was goooooood company–I really enjoyed myself.

This is how Friday evenings should be like. I’m smiling, from deep withing, with contentment.

Who wouldn’t be? With good food, company and shopping.

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