More than words.

 When you need, you need to be strong enough to bend before you break dear.

Take your emotions and what you need to get out in you hand and get it out of you system. We’re quite alike, and if I’m right, you barely confide in anyone. There’s always some part weighting how much to tell, where to stop, guaging reactions.

Don’t be so strong.

These words, came out from a friend. So near yet, at the same time, quite distant. Pulling me through difficult times. Telling me not to act on impulse and tell her everything like she didn’t care.. “No Judgements”, I swear, seem to just popped right into my mind.

Maybe it’s because she’s the only one who ask if I’m eating well, a question only she knows how important it is, to ask.

It is the similar expriences which we go through seperately which brought us this close.

I thank god for giving me this friend and all the good things in life this friend just taught me to see.


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