I went to Pearly’s blog, and saw this entry. 

She stood in the wind, watching his back get smaller and smaller.  There was a smile on her face and those around her clapped her on her back for her maturity and bravery. She was known as an independent woman and a pillar of strength to many, yet few knew her for who she really was. She turned and walked away with strides that spoke of determination, direction and purpose, knowing that the world watched and judged.

That night, as she lay in bed, she thought. The memories came back, both the good and the bad. Emotions which had been kept in check in front of the world were allowed to overwhelm, and the tears flowed. In the dark room, with the little moonlight and no sound except the occasional unquieted sniff, she allowed herself the luxury of crying.

As the days went by, the crying continued, but the tears got less. It still made her ache to begin to think, but the pain diminished, albeit so slowly that she didn’t think it ever would. One day, as she was going about with her life, she suddenly thought of him, and there were no emotions to throw her off her feet. She had lived and learnt.

Dedicated to a friend who is like a sister. Be strong enough to bend before you break. As much as tears are objects of sorrow, they heal and make whole again. Everyone needs someone, and I’m always here. And when you can’t reach out to me, I’ll do it. I’ll do it all.

I saw it. I teared, and I smiled, at the same time.

Now, I’ve another person on my list whom I know I would definately invite, if I ever do get married. Haha, plus she said, she’ll warn my husband not to treat me badly, or she will kick his cute ass.

Then she started thinking about my husband over MSN..

nice smile, kind eyes, humorous, sweet, occasionally egotistical like all other guys, looks good in jeans and a polo and loafers, equally yummy in a tux, when he dresses for the occasion. Can cook occasionally, can write, can hold an intellectual conversation upon occasion. Can buy you little trinkets sometimes to see you smile, remembers to tell you ‘i love you’ once in awhile. May not remember anniversary dates, but does look apologetic when he doesnt but remembers birthdates and wedding anniversaries.

How can I not love her when she dreams up such guys for me?

I think we’re twins, seperate at birth.

She feels my pain, somehow. And I feel hers too. She said she’ll cry for me. I didn’t tell her this–I’ll cry for her too.

Like they said, as you become more distant with someone, you become closer to another.


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  1. dancinginsunshine
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 23:17:49

    above all, your man has to love you from the core of his soul.Nothing less than that.-loves,lin-

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