When does the art of compromise becomes compromising?

I was talking over the phone yesterday and I said, “I think I won’t mind forgoing some unimportant expectations, but it’s a slippery slope–before you know it, you may getting what you don’t want.”

It’s normal for all of us to lower our expectations, when we meet some one real special, who is willing to go the extra mile for us, and whom we love and loves us in return.

But many a times, people slip from not mastering the art of compromise, that leads them to be in a compromising situation.

Psst. Watch “Hero” today. It’s witty, it’s funny. And god, Lee Byung Hun (i don’t know if it’s correct) is hot. Actually I watched the movie because of him, but damn, he appeared for like 30 secs? I like men with distinct jawlines–I’ve a super softspot for men like him..with charisma oozing out. Yummilious! I say!


Wild Horses

I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie.
I have my freedom but I don’t have much time.
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried.
Let’s do some living after we die.

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.
Wild horses, we’ll ride them some day.

I don’t want a ladies’ man. I don’t need a ladies’ man.


2 papers down. 3 more to go.

Was waiting at Shears hall for the second paper to start, then, I realise, I lost my matriculation card! (We need that, or our ic to take the exams.)

Thank god the Dean’s office emailed me–It’s with them! Apparently I left it at Eusoff hall. I never expected myself to be so blur man.


Satrio and Zein has been sharing music created by them. And I’m impressed! (would put it up after the exams).

Haha, Ok. I think it’s high time I do something more than just singing. I wanna learn the guitar..Yes, I’ll sacrifice my nails.


Boo. I’m having pre-exam blues.

Boo. I dreamt I was late for the exams cos no one wanted to drive me to school.

Boo. I’m having fears of not being able to answer the questions. (I’m freaking scared of the Physical component.)

Boo. I’ve 2 Geog papers tomorrow.

Boo. I’m spending 12 hours in school tomorrow.

Boo. I’m gonna get 4 hours of sleep.

Boo. My hp is not working.

Darn. Damn. Doom.

A child at heart/ A simple, little getaway

Saw the pictures on the screen saver page and it tickled me…


My elder sis trying to strangle me…with me looking still quite happy!


My younger sis and me


I have no freaking idea why I had the flag in front of my face…haha!


I’m on the left..standing real straight with just my undies, looking like an apple…oh god, why oh why? And look at my cheeks! They look like Fuji apples! And they still runs in the family lah.


Me on the left, again, my cousin, my elder sis and younger sis. FYI, my younger sis and cousin were born on the same year, month and day! Yea, I love my pacifiers..I’ve one on my hand and another in my mouth..haha, little wonder I can still remember my mum telling me I’ll have ugly mouth if I still don’t give up my pacifier..

 Shoe’s mum called me this afternoon. And she told me about going to a small Indonesian town to help hold a party for the kids there!

So, if all goes well, I’ll be spending 3 short days there. What excites me more is greeting my New Year away from the urban jungle. (A pity we are not able to head to Myanmar for voluntary work this year). Psst, I can’t wait for the new year to arrive..haha, I’m quite a kid at heart eh?

I spent my Birthday in Korea, would be spending New year in Indonesia.

I’m looking forward to spending Christmas in London (think “Love Actually”..). Hope that would be soon before long…cos I’ve to be earning $$$ first. (of a substantial amount, I mean)

Embrace my fragility and tell me softly that I’m Safe in a Crazy world. Don’t go away–you’re my love supply. (Jumbled some songs’ lyrics which is playing thru my playlist as I was churning this entry out)

(of a



In my cities module, “IR” stands for “Integrated Resort. And then we’ll go on to talk about whether it is a sing of polarisation? Are we maginalizing people? Or are we just gearing ourselves to embrace the really wealthy (not just rich), letting them have a space to call their space.

In my Climatology module, “IR” stands for Infrared Radiation. Which contributes to heat radiation and comes in 2 forms-longwave and shortwave.

Geez. Yes, they’re both Geography modules.

The relationship between Nature and Society (haha, that’s the other Geog mod I’m doing this sem!)

Kenangan Terindah

Have a listen. This song gave me goosebumps (in a good way) when I first heard it, and sometimes, it still does.

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