Pulitzer Prize

I was blog hopping as I came across this website (http://www.pulitzer.org/year/2007/feature-photography/works/index.html), it features this year’s Pulitzer’s Prize winners. Click on the first pciture, and then go down the list.

As I as looking through every picture, my heart grew heavy.

Before I know it, I was crying.

Crying for the pain they had to go through.

Crying because we all seem to be so engross in our little setbacks in life, we forget about the more painful ones some one out there is undergoing.

Crying for shedding those wasted tears on wasted issues, emotions people.

I’ve never felt more light-hearted than I can remeber in recent years, and after looking through all these pictures, I realise I’m one one lucky girl, so are you.

We just have to be less absorbed in ourselves to get the full picture of how happy we should be.


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