What can i say?

It’s the last Sunday of the year. Leaving in a few hours time, and I’ve yet to pack my luggage. I’m that last-minute.

I was up online till 4 today morning, looking thru blogs, reading wht people have to say about their year, together with an interesting converstion via MSN(learning what goes in to “sex on the beach”, how you pronounce “pina colada”, and to have someone who has his own set of views and beliefs).

Suddenly, the world seem so much bigger than I’ve thought. Suddenly, it seem really unbelieveable to have people think the same way as you do. Suddenly, you realise there’s lots more to explore, enjoy, to live and learn.

Cliche as it sounds, with the flicker of the eye, the year has come to an end.

A good year, I must say. Not when I was in it, but when I’m looking back at it–the bad has become the good, as I truly experience the meaning of blessing in disguise. Full frontal!




Had my first taste of pool. And it’s fun! Just that I was quite a dummy at first when I was trying to understand how it works. I needed tonnes of confidence before I dare hit the table. It’s good excercise too–flexing those back muscles!

Doing last-min confirmation on the mods I wanna do..Stressful when I have too many choices! Looking at those exam timetables to make sure I have enough time to cram. Geez. And finally, I’ve the courage to do my Gem outside Arts. Would be venturing into the Engin Fact! And same old, I need to stick to my human Geog.

Hopefully I’ll make right and good choices. You know what I mean?

No Monday Blues…

Hopelessly Devoted to you

Somehow, my dad has been playing many oldies. So this is one I’m hooked on to.

Just had a one-day job stint at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach, helping out with some course to build team spirit in some company(think milder OBS). Now I’m baked and tired. Imagine sitting at the beach for 9 hours! But the pay is Good. Plus the people were funny and super entertaining(in their own way). We were playing games just by the beach and before you know it, people were being thrown into the water! Geez, they wanted to throw me in too, but one of the guys said, “Your sandals are too nice to be thrown into the water”…and thank god for the camera I was holding on to.

Would be leaving for Jakarta on Sunday! Yay! Would be spending countdown there. Yes, I do hate it when it too loud and all, but then again, it would be quite an experiece!

Christmas Imperfection


I know it’s almost impossible to get what I want for this Christmas.

So all I want for Christmas is a Nigel Barker.

Just send him to my dreams tonight.

Merry Christmas.

Friday night

It was a windy Friday as I was walking along the banks of Singapore River towards Cafe Iguana.

As I turn to my left, I saw a familiar face.

The familiar face with a cap, those sideburns and his usual black outfit.

For a moment, I was shocked.

My eyes, for some strange reasons, were focused on his lips.

I saw his lips curl up into a smile with a soundless “Hello”.

I smiled too, with a equally soundless “Hi”.

For the first time, we greeted each other.

Suddenly, the windy night became quite beautiful with a new friend made.

At long last…

Geez. I  finally found the urge to settle down and blog. Been really restless the past few days doing nothing in particular, but watching “Sex and the City”…

Just got back from Jakarta on Friday and it was a real short trip cos I was tagging along with my dad for his business trip. When I got home, I had a surprise! A little package from Shu Jun!…all the way from Sheffield! She had this cute penguin gingerbread in it..unfotch, it broke! but it was yummy! thanks babe! plus the cupcake postcard and a little “tartilicious” badge! This girl really knows what I like.


There’s this m&m house outside Isetan and so my little sis and I went in, coming out with goodies.


They’re selling m&m’s of colours which can’t be found in the supermarts. Obviously, these babies ain’t cheap–$2.50 for 50 grams.




A day before leaving for Jakarta, I brought my student Sharmaine, with my little sis to the Zoo! It’s been a long time since I’ve been there..




The Zoo!

And we decided to have Ben and Jerry’s even before we started walking around..haha..



Look! She’s eyeing on the ice-cream!


Both of us!



I’ve something for Penguins…they’re so cute!

Off I go, to Jakarta..


Waiting for the plane to take off


Just before landing..


These yummilicious cakes were from the hotel’s bakery..Unfortch, the cheesecake was super sticky…


Plates of chocs greeting us as we stepped into the suite. Compliments from the hotel.

After which, my dad and his friend brought me shopping!


They’ve got many many brands under one root. Guess, Zara, Ted Baker, Topshop, Mark’s and Spencer, Celvin Klein, Banana Republic! and tt’s just the small area I managed to comb in one hour…

Men don’t really shop, so after one hour, we headed back to the hotel..to the KTV and the disco…I was simply amazed by the nightlife man…




Noodles..they’re fantabulous..trust me! Look at the chili sauce…Ohhhhhhhhh yes..I love anything that is hot and makes me sweat…



Donuts! From J.Co! You think those from Donut factory is good? You haven’t tried these gems..look at the choc and the strawberry ones on the top right corner, plus th e green one on the bottom left..they’ve got what they call “chocolate carviar”..bite into one and you’ll taste super smooth choc with a super-crispy cereal center greeting you!

What more can I say?


Jakarta at night..with me in it..haha..

Geez..been having a lot of “Sex and the City”..and as much as I love the series, it’s afterall just a series..

p.s. I love you

Based on the book written by my all-time favourite author, Cecilia Ahern.

Psst. Would update soon.

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