In loving memory of Bambie


Bambie passed away this morning when I was preparing for school. When Anis came in and told me she passed on, I was quite lost. Her death was sudden but I’m thankful she didn’t had to suffer too long.

I have got no idea how old she is for she was picked up from the park with burn marks all over. I remember when my mum first saw her, my mum gave me the pass to keep her(that was how pretty Bambie was–she’s an attractive babe!), that was until bambie ate her bamboo plant. She always had this air of elegance and looked at you like she can read your mind.

For the good 5 years she spent with us, she was not only a pet, she was also a mother to the little kitten( we call him “Kittie”) I brought home a few months ago. Not only did she take good care of him, she also loved him.

Just as Anis was burying Bambie just now, Kittie helped dig the soil too. Strange as it may sound to many, he actually gave her one final hug before she was buried(they often share hugs). Just before the soil was placed over Bambie’s body, Kittie stood beside her, closed its eyes and gave a long, yet soft mew.

We will miss you Bambie, just like how we miss Brownie and Whitie.



Just got some of the photos taken by Satrio. His captions are really funny, so funny, I’m going put them in bold.


Adit setting up.

Aditya is from Indonesia, our drummer. He’s a nice guy! And though he looks really gentle, his beats are relatively strong and hard.


Lion Hair

Kassim with his loooong hair! Sometimes, he would le his hair loose and swing it man!


It won’t be soon soon before long.

Yes, he was wearing a Maroon 5 tee.


I can sing louder.

Haha, this is funny. Liza and I. Liza is my co-vocalist. We were actually harmonising for the end of the song lah!


Zein, out Bassist!

I think I was doing the Bridge for Objection Tango. I was stamping to the beat. Geez, now I know I look retarded.


Hazel Eyed Jeslyn.

That’s how Satrio spells my name. Haha. It’s a pity he ain’t jamming with us now!

I always hold the mike stand when I have nothing creative to do. Who the hell was I singing to?

Look at my short nails! One of the photos with a clearer view of the nails was captioned “I just got my nails done“. See Mr C, I’m a good student. Haha

And I know I look horrible when I sing. Eww. I saw the and started laughing.

On the side note, I badminton-ed for 3 hours at NUS today! With breaks of cos. Geez, I’m bad at it. But sure it was a good workout man.

Funkamania 2008

It was good. The crowd was fantabulous. The sound system was awesome (love the soundman, they’re vital!)..I’m a hapy girl, plus with the compliments from the other band’s members, that made me happier. Ya lah, I can be satisfied that easily. See, that makes me a low maintance girl.

Thanks Fe for coming down. I do appreciate it.

Now, we would have to think of a song we wanna “perform before we die” for GTV5.

I’ve no freaking idea man. So far, I’ve done…

Torn, Ain’t no mountain high enough, Long train running(without love), I will survive, Beautiful Stranger, Gonna getcha good, Mind trick, Starlight, Dreams, Live and learn, Breathless, What if god was one of us, If it makes you happy, Survivor, Big girls don’t cry, Objection(Tango), The howling.

Plus, I forgot the others. Geez.

So now I have to start thinking.

Post Secret (last) Sunday


I feel the same.

Almost going

I’m physically exhausted. Probably because I had sch for 12 hours yesterday, and R made some last min changes to the other song. Oh well…My voice is going now..Damn. Ain’t gonna strain it cos I have to do the “heaviest” song I’ve ever done, plus I’ve to use falsetto for the first time on stage.

God bless me.

Oh, and for “Objection”, R said we needed more showmanship..cos now, all of us on stage have to intereact–haha, R said I can push them lightly or something. Ok, hope I’m gentle enough, of the guitar and bass may drop on stage.

Let’s all wish that my voice wouldbe in a tip-top condition tomorrow.

School is

One more day to the weekends. School has been alright so far, though I do get insercure knowing that I’m doing a Chinese Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics module and am the only non-Chinese major doing it. It’s pretty stressful cos she may make us analyse 红楼梦.That means I’ve to work my ass off. That’s the price to pay for doing something I like but unfortch, ain’t very good in.

Plus, the man-in-black with sexy sideburns officially disappeared. So disappointing right? After the “Hi” and smile, plus, I got quite use to him sitting behind, he vanished! School is not-so-exciting with nothing to look at, isn’t it? Plus I am a person who is aesthetically-driven. Oh yes I am.

Oh plus, I’m pretty intimidated by my Economic Geog prof. I can just visualise him saying, “That’s a stupid answer” when I answer his question. So far, I have to say I have yet to grasp the concept of Economic-geog. It seems pretty abstract and I’m afraid I’ll have a tendency to be “too economic” about it.

The engin module is far more digestable I have to say.

Anyway, we’ll be performing at Scape this Sunday, 6.30pm. So come on down if you’re free! It’s for Funkamania. Tho I dunno wad it is about.

One step closer.


Just got back from my first 3 hours guitar lesson with Mr C.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I can play and sing at the same time.

Call me an idiot, but I never knew play the guitar requires such nimble fingers.

We all learn something new everyday, don’t we?

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