Not-so-smart question asked in 2007

We’re almost a week into 2008. But I’ve an urge to blog about this. Presenting to you-Stupid questions people asked me in 2007! Geez. It’s only the beginning of the year and I’m already so mean.

But anyway, here they go!

1) Are you lesbian? (Doesn’t mean that when I don’t go ga-ga over every guy I see, I’m a lesbian ya? Sometimes, people have expectations.)

2) Why do you wear heels? Aren’t they painful to walk in? (Hmm. do I really have to answer this? Buy me those Jimmy Choos. And simply put, shoes are like people–with the right ones, it’s never painful to talk to them.)

3) So you learn how to draw? (When I said I do Arts. Sometimes, we have to know the importance of having an ‘S’. )

4) You speak Chinese? (Of cos I do! I have to admit I’m not uber good in it, but I do have a passion for the language)

5) Are you local? (Some think I look Thai, while others think I’m Japanese–it’s my make-up lah)

6) Why are your nails so hard? (Ok, this question ain’t too fair..cos I myself don’t know the anser..but that question is just -i dunno-)

7) You bake/cook? (Yea, duh! And I love doing it)

Stay on my mind. Fulfil my fantasy. -Baby Boy, Beyonce-


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. noella
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 20:39:28

    haha. omg! that first pt reminded me so much of the stupid comment tt beng guy from ny made a couple of yrs back. haha. 😀
    warmest hugs.

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