Crème Brulée

I’ve always loved eating Portuguese Egg tart. They’re like my kinda comfort food…And today, I’ve found something so similiar to that, but better. Had Au Petit Salut at Holland V after school..I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with their Lobster Salad. The lobster didn’t taste very fresh. And had my first go at Escargots–They tasted shell-like! God, I’ve have to admit I ain’t doing justice to the Escargots, but they just ain’t my kinda food.The main was alright. For some strange reason, I haven’t tried Crème Brulée so I’ve decided to give it a go today.

I liked the Crème Brulée because they were generous with their Vanilla (those little black dots found amidst the rich custard was heaven). Hmm, I should start hunting for one that has liqueur in it soon.

No pictures today cos my sis was using it to take pics of body parts..

And as we were making our way out, I was amuse by the amount of Da Paolo Restuarants found along that stretch of road. They look so romantic and beautiful! You know, I’m a sucker for good ambience. Had Caramel Shortbread at Da Paolo Gastronomia! They were quite Orgasmic! Haha! Next time, I’ll try their Apple Crostata! I went in and was surprise by the way they displayed their food. Felt like I wasn’t in Singapore for a moment!

I’ve to say i prefer Italian to French cusine. But when it comes to desserts, both win me over! Like duh! A down side of French food in Singapore–they’re pricey!

A totally unrelated point to make..Had my Global Environmental Isuues Lect at Engin today, and the prof said, “You’re the first generation since civilization to have the ecological footprint exceed earth’s ability to sustain itself in the long run!”.

We should all know better by now, shouldn’t we?

Haha, Yes, I do feel the need to write this down..afterall, Geographers are suppose to be concern about space and place!

Psst. I’m so gonna make my very own Crème Brulée soon. Have been studying the recipe, and what I need now is the torch!


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  1. wenqi
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 23:04:33

    I love good Portuguese Egg tart too! Had one when I was in Sydney at some HK Tim Sum shop.. My mom and I went crazy about it.. Too bad we can’t go back to get it.. Haha 🙂

    It’s CNY = meet-up time of CL A peeps! 😀

  2. shujun87
    Jan 16, 2008 @ 02:04:55

    you can try doing it differently. instead of using the torch, just add ice cubes ard the creme brulee after its done to stop it from cooking more, and just caramelize the sugar at the top shelf of your oven nearest the grill.

    this way you don’t need to buy a torch! they’re really expensive.

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