Watch this!

I already got 2 good quotes from the trailer!

1) Big: Should I get you a diamond?
Carrie: No, just give me a realy big closet.

2) Life don’t always turn out to be your fantasy, that’s why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all.

Ok, this trailer made my day! =)


Love song

I would love to do this song, if I can find someone to play it for me. I should go befriend more people who plays the piano? Haha!

Love Song (click it!)


I wanna take the plane and fly to somewhere exotic, South America sounds good–the men there look pretty hot too;

I wanna go to the god-damn disturbing sinful Chocolate buffet at Fullerton;

I wanna watch “Sex and the City” all day (I’m still waiting for the movie!);

I wanna sit by the beach to hear the waves hit the shore under the moonlight all night (no company required…I figured I would really wanna leave romantic things like that to only -i dunno yet, and i won’t figure it out anytime soon-. I’m that hopelessly romantic, isn’t it?);


I’ve got tonnes of projects piling up. Seriously, I’m buried already. Not having eaten any good desserts these days is already disappointing enough, worse still, I was totally let down by the desserts from Gobi. But of cos, My all-time favorite Iguna Colarda at Cafe Iguan made up for it.

It’s recess week, and I’m trying to be productive. On the bright side, we’re going to down to see the American Football match (plus, interview and pic taking) and the Gay clubs for our project!

Babe, I’ll walk the seven seas when I believe that there’s a reason to write you a love song today.

US Beef Recall


At last, attention has been brought to the inhumane ways of treating animals.

We can say with confidence that the beef supply is safe,” the industry group said.

Is it just about the supply? Does it not matter how did the supply come about?

After toucing on issues regarding economics and ethics, I dare say that it’s important for economically-driven people to know about the remifications that may arise in the course of pursuing economic motives.

Just take the population boom in the 1960’s, for example. Developed countries believed that population growth helps generate more consumpsion, more demand, more economic growth. However, we seem to forget that at the same time, India was facing one of the worse famines. This irony was discovered by Paul Erhlich who went on to write a book entitled, “Population Bomb”.

As the priviledge species which is able to express ourselves freely and pretty much on top of the food chain, we’re given a whole lot of power. The question is, are we abusing it?

Me and the 8-yr-old

I was having tuition with Sharmaine, my eight-year-old student. She wanted to peep into my handphone when I was smsing Shi yun. So I tilted my phone towards me.

She: Why you don’t let me read your sms? Your boyfriend sms you?

Me: Nope, I don’t have one. Have to slowly find one wad.

She: Why?

Me: Cos I wish that he’s one smart man.

She: Smart no good. Rich is better.

Wow, how practical eight-year-olds have become. But I’ll still prefer a smart man.

Way back into Love

Had a very interesting day at school. Was having Social Geography lecture, when theis couple strolled in with balloons in their hand. The lecturer then said, “Can you settle down quickly, esp since you’re late?”  The girl then laughed. Hmm, strange way people behave on V day yea.

Smsed flowed in, sending greetings on this red, rosy, hearty day. Even my handphone showed rain that was red and the flowers which were actually blue, turned red with the fireworks turning into heart shape too, just for today. As much as I love red(cos i think it’s sexy, and hey, not everyone can pull it off without looking like an ang bao yea?), roses and hearts, I do get sick of seeing it on this day.

As a odd combination of a full-feledge cynic and romantic, I find all these too much of a veneer and I’m one of those girls who don’t want red roses today(the fact that all other gals around me is holding on to a bouquet, or a stalk). Giving me flowers on any other day would actually mean more to me, than on V day itself. Cos it kinda shows you’re willing to romance me not only on the day where everyone is suppose to be holding hands and romancing your other half.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I think it’s a wonderful feeling and emotional state to be in, when you are in love(that is when your heart beats super fast and you smile to yourself) and when you learn to love the person(accepting his flaws and loving him for it). I always love the concept of being romanced too. And of cos, Vday is one of those days supposedly set aside for that purpose. Hmm, cliche as it sounds, I just won’t want to be the gal who receies flowers twice or thrice a year(Vday, Birthday and anniversary). I want to be the gal who receives flowers, when I least expect to, and more importantly, it doesnt have to be a bouquet, a stalk will suffice, but he has to know why he is giving it to me. I swear that he can pluck it off he fground too! haha (Hate it when guys ask why we love flowers. We don’t love flowers per se, but the gesture and what i signifies)

So that explains why I am still single yea?

Spent today going to school, giving tuition and taking a nice sunny walk home with my favourite milk tea. My perfect way to spend this special day, romancing myself.

I could have gone out, gotten myself a bouquet of flowers and a date. But when the thot of being asked out didn’t make my heart beat faster, neither did it make me smile, I knew I should reject the date. Now I know I’m more decisive than I thot I am. I just have to follow what my heart says when it comes to matters of the heart.

Having said so, I guess I’m a tad old-fashion. I would rather spend this special day alone(“special” despite being over-commercialised), than with someone who doesn’t make me blush and my heart to beat faster. (Yes, my heart has to beat faster! and I HAVE to blush! He needs to make me feel I want him that much lah.)

And so I did. But not without the shower of some loving from the people around me!

First up, met Shoe with Zitian at the HK Cafe on tuesday. Shoe bought me a box of donuts and…a box of Macarons from Canele. Ohh. They were Orgasmic. and Pretty.



My younger sis gave me custom-made stamps. Hmm, strange that it is for me, but it shows more of her face than mine. Plus, that unflattering pic of me?! Haha, little wonder her classmates calls her Bimbo. Thanks Bimbo! Psst. My mum asked my sis why she put a “less than 3″(<3) there.


Hope y’all had a smashing, rocking and sexy V Day!

V day


As much as it is commercialised…Happy V Day, y’all!

We’re all “spatially-stubborn” people-We always choose to sit at the same places during lectures. Call that “sense of place” too.

We are use to having those familiar people surround us.

Sometimes, it’s not a need, nor a want. Just a habit.

Shut Up and Drive

Chose “Shut up and Drive” for this year’s GTV. Hope we’ll all have fun jamming! Since all of us got a chance to choose a song we wanna do.

Can you handle the curves? Can you run on light? If you can, baby boy, then we can go all night.

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