Comsuming Pleasures.

Looking back and remembering people from the past used to make me sad. Sad that they’ve become part of the past. No where near the present or future.This time, it is surreal. It’s like seeing someone I seem to know, but actually don’t. Like someone who use to front the magazine covers I use to read.

Life itself works in many funny ways. For those who knows me well enough, knows what I want in life, my expectations, my desires. Strangely, when it’s presented to me just the way I’ve always thot I wanted it to be, it just fails to trill me. Yet, a smile from someone I don’t know can make me smile for hours and gush for days. Goes to show I ain’t very sure about what makes me tick and causes my heart to beat faster afterall. And that makes pleasing me quite a task.

Just like I never knew I would learn to love Geography. Of cos, I ain’t the good student who does all the readings before lectures(but I’m trying to keep up with it). Whenever people ask about what I study in university, I’ll tell them Geography and they’ll usually go, “So you learn about the volcanoes!”

I don’t really have the heart to tell them that I’m probably not the best person to ask about Volcanoes for they ain’t my favourite field of study. In fact, I have to say my interest lies within the Human aspect of Geography. It’s strange how I never found the study of Geography interesting till recently. Maybe because it taught me to look at life from a different perspective. Maybe that’s why I always support the underdogs.

It’s always fascinating to know about how one(usually known as the “self”), views the “others”. Like in Edward Said’s”Orientalism”, he wrote about how visitors from the West repesents the Orient as mysterious, exotic(that made me think of SPGs..haha), decadant, corrupt and barbaric. In fact, these representations of the Orient are often the opposite of what the West consider themselves. Interesting huh?

Recently, I was told that Gill Valentine wrote an article on food and sexual relations. Titled “Consuming pleasures: food, leisure and the negotiation of sexual relations”. Gotta get hold of that book and take a look. Interesting how social-cultural Geography can be right? Little wonder I was told Geography can be sensuous.

Alright, I’ve to stop gushing about my new found passion in Geography.

But before I do so, let me share a little something which my Economic-Geogpraphy Prof said on his first lecture. “As Social Scientists, we don’t build bridges and we don’t heal people. But we tell you where to build the bridge and why it has to be built.”

So now you see, we ain’t peple who just dress up, go to school and have fun. We learn to look at the society in a way you may never know existed.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mr Q
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 14:47:24

    jaslin, I am so amazed that you actually take what i say seriously and to even name the entry of the day.

    i am so accustomed to people thinking that i am weird, sick, convoluted..

    anyways, seeing this entry makes my day. quite upset this morning over something and nothing beats reading and agreeing with an honest sentiment!

    and yes, you have a flare for writing! and the depth of character that goes with it too!

  2. Azure
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 19:29:13

    I think she had what alcoholics refer to as “a moment of clarity”

  3. sharon
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 19:00:51

    “As Social Scientists, we don’t build bridges and we don’t heal people. But we tell you where to build the bridge and why it has to be built.”

    LOL! Quite funny, though I think there’s more to that. “… and then give a critique of the bridge built.” if it even gets built in the first place.

    (WordPress eats comments!)

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