Post Secret Sunday/ Maps


As Geographers, we need maps all the time. To map out the different spaces.

In life, we don’t need a map all the time–It’ll simply bore you and me to death, seriously.


Shoe Fetish


Recently, I been asked about the number of  shoes I own, pretty often.

So I said, “about 50”.

Immediately, I swear I could smell people making judgments about me.

Oh yea, I’m a girl who needs many pairs of shoes. I feel happy just looking at them.

Little wonder it’s hard to look at people and not make judgments–I make judgments about you and you do the same about me.

Bleeding love


Closed off from love I didn’t need the pain.
Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain.
Time starts to pass before you know it you’re frozen.But something happened for the very first time with you.
My heart melts into the ground found something true.
And everyone’s looking round thinking I’m going crazy.

But I don’t care what they say I’m in love with you.
They try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth.
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing.
You cut me open and I keep Bleeding Love.

People write sad songs for a reason.

The same for people who listen to those songs.

Perhaps that’s the only avenue for their emotions.

I loved you with a burning red and now, it’s turning blue, finally.

Psst. I would love to sing this song some time soon!

Desserts and life


I have never been a lover of Cupcakes, but I do like to bake them (esp those with fillings in them). And as one who lives to taste quality desserts, I kinda link people to the kinda desserts I think they are. For one, I would classify “Girly Girls” as Strawberry Shortcakes. And if you ask me, what kinda dessert I would call myself, I would like to think it’s a good competition between Macaroons and Creme Brulee (I just love French Desserts lah!)


Macaroon. Hard on the outside, since people always think of me as being intimidating and fierce. If you want to know what’s inside(without asking anyone), you have got to be daring and advanturous enough to take a bite.

As for Creme Brulee-the kinda dessert I would go for, when I need a sense of familiarity and comfort. You would have to break thru the thin layer of caramel layer before to savouring the familiar taste Vanilla castard.

Plus, I even divide desserts into Masculine and Feminine categories. haha, that explains why Strawberry Shortcakes are for “Girly Girls”. While Jack Daniel Ice Cream belongs to the Masculine side. Gender studies eh!


Cupcakes, is like Love. The way it should be served and eaten. Given it’s size, you can savour it without being over-indulgent.

Too much of a good thing can be bad.

So remember, Love like Cupcakes.

Desserts are almost never seen as a important thing because they don’t serve the primary purpose of food, which is to fill you up. Agree. Some people think it’s wasted calories. Disagree. Do you know how much love and effort is required to dress those sweet offerings up to pleasurable calories before being served?

Desserts don’t fill me up, but they satisfy me so much that I naturally become one happy girl, at least for that fleeting moment. If you’re eating the right kinda dessert, the experience can even be said as Orgasmic. Ooh lala!

There’s always a balance between Praticality and Romance.

Psst. I’m in the library, and am suppose to do my reports, but a little down time to write something about desserts really makes me so much happier!

And oh, of cos, you can only really savour desserts with the right company–with people who really sees them as a form of art, a way of life. Otherwise, I would really rather eat it alone.

During Geography tutorials …

“As Social Scientists, the world is our lab. We don’t put the word “Social” and “Science” together for no reason.” Yueng, 2008

“Geography is about Space and Time.” Wong, 2008.

We learn something new everyday, don’t we?

Psst, the next time I quote Mr Q, I’ll do the same!

Deadline, literally?

We’re officially buried in work. I’m typing this while having an online meeting for Economic Geography(it’s 1 am alr!), and doing up the Social Geography commentary.

I still have got my Chinese discourse and analysis project (so anyone with interesting uses of 笑声 in our daily conversations, tell me! I’ve a bit of a phobia to do Chinese essays, tho this is my 3rd one, but 3000-5000 chinese characters is a wee bit intimidating, I think), Critical Cartography presentation to prepare, plus that wonderful map we have to do!

Lotsa work. I’m tired. But somehow, I thrive on the pressing deadlines and stress.

Psst. GTV has been posponed! Till the 11th of April, might as well, I won’t have to mood to perform next Friday with the heaps of work left undone.

I’m strange. How about you?


It’s not easy being human.

Sometimes we try too hard to defend ourselves, only to accentuate our already-known flaws. So, just keep those flaws hush-hush. People will know when they’re suppose to. Don’t keep reminding others the existance of that flaw.

It’s not easy being human.

Sometimes we try too hard to please others, ask about what they like, so that you can be what they want. But really, haven’t we already lost ourselves when we do so?

It’s not easy being human.

It’s an art.

Anyone who can touch you, can hurt you or heal you.
Anyone who can reach you, can love you or leave you.

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