Pierre Herme

When I read on Lifestyle that Pierre Herme was coming to Singapore, I was so excited. Cos I’ve always wanted to try his creations but thot it would only be possible if I travel to Paris or Tokyo. Immediately, I sms-ed my sis, who was in Sri Lanka, then made reservations one month in advance to try his works. Well well, if you ask me, I would say I as not impressed with Mezza9’s service, but then again, I’m quite particular when it comes to the quality of service.

Pierre Herme (scratching his head. haha, I wonder why did they use this picture?)

The Menu

Variation autor du marron et du fruit de la passion
Macarons! They had the Chestnut, Dark Choc (heavenly) and Passion fruit.

Creme brulee au foie gras, compote d’airelles et poires
Creme brulee with foie gras, cranberries and pear compote. My sis didn’t like this oe at all. The creme brulee was not as creamy and firm, as I would like it to be. And it was one of the desserts which took me a while to truly appreciate, cos the taste of foie gras, creme brulee and fruits was pretty overwhelming I would say. Acquired taste.

Tarte mogardor
Shortcrust pastry, milk chocolate and passion fruit ganache, roasted pineapple, and flourless chocolate cake. Quite a man’s dessert. The caucasian sitting next to us drank up the jar of fruit juice-like thing!

Emotion satine
Compote of passion fruit, seasoned orange segments and cream cheese cream, shortbread cube.
This one, hmm, not fantastic. Plus, the glass which held the dessert was too small, we had problem trying to take all the different segments up at one go.

Dessert Ispahan
ispahan- rose-flavored macaron biscuit, rose petal cream with rpasberries and lychee.
sorbet ispahan- lychee, rose petal aromas and rashberry sorbet.

This one is a pretty darling. Tho my sis thinks a tad too sweet and that the sorbet can do with more punch. I think it’s, pretty. Well, they’ve a beautiful red rose petal on top of the Macaron biscuit! Plus I like Macarons! It’s a lady’s dessert.
Canele has a similar version of this desset (called L’amour), while Bakerzin has a smiliar one (with the same name, if I ain’t wrong)

We stepped out of Hyatt thinking if it’s worth the money. Well, I think some of the desserts didn’t impress me as much as I wished it would(I was really looking forward it!). But then again, maybe if I were to go to Paris or Tokyo, I may visit it again, and then make a decision thereafter.
I do think that Singapre’s desserts’ standard ain’t lagging too far behind. Hmm, judging from the dessert course I had at Chef Pang’s “Macaron”, I have to say, wow(after making the comparsions).

Psst. I have been listening to this song. It’s catchy, but what’s with the lyrics? When it’s too direct, it ain’t sexy anymore. Maybe the use of euphemism would work better.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ms blogreader
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 21:47:12

    I can’t believe u tried his creations!!!
    I heard he’s the original creator of macarons.

    Lucky stomach of urs.

    And, and and!
    I got really excited when i saw tt jason mraz clip.
    It really is a really beautiful song.
    Perfect for a wedding by the beach.
    And oh,
    u might wanna gif 1000 things and bella luna a listen too.

    *sighs in dreamy fantasies of being serenaded by Jason Mraz*

  2. Jaslin
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 21:06:02

    Haha Ya! Jason Mraz’s voice is like some kinda creamy dessert that makes you to sink in willingly and get bought over. =)
    I thot it was really Beach-y too!
    I just gave “1000 things” a listen, and I love it too! Thanks for the recommendation!

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