The L word

“Of course she is stronger. She has been thru some major ordeals over the past year. Your breakup, a miscarriage, another pregnancy and a new career. Don’t you think it’s a good thing?”

“Of cos it’s a good thing. But it just means she doesn’t need me anymore.” –The L word, Season 2, Episode 9.

Emotional traumas either make or break you.

Once someone tries to break me, I’ll build a higher wall.

Maybe the wall is so high now, that I lost measurements?

Ok, maybe I can do with Mr Sexy Sideburns.

Speaking of which, I was walking along town the other day when I saw this familiar face in a immeculate suit amongst the Friday. This face smiled, and nodded.

No no, not Mr Sexy Sideburn. My coursemate actually.

Geez, for that moment, I was transported to 6 months back. Funny how some moments seem to get carved in your brain, and that every little thing will trigger of that moment of it.

That guy looked like he was rocking in suit, ready to impress the corporate world, while me? Eh, going shopping?

I so have to inject some ambitions in me.


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  1. ms blogreader
    May 14, 2008 @ 23:18:11

    I don’t know abt u,
    but I find locating and makin a gorgeous pair of shoes mine
    a worthy ambition.

    Put it tt way,
    shopping does sound alot more noble doesn’t it?

    Almost comparable to rocking the corporate world,
    I say!!!

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