2 days in bed. And the Morning-after.

After spending two full days in bed,
eating panadol(I’m allergic to almost everything else, even Penicillin),
sleeping my life away(dreaming that I was in this strange Fashion show),
not being able to talk,
using boxes of tissue paper(even Kittie sensed my flu bug from afar–he stood outside my rom, stared at me and didn’t dare to come in),
drowning down tonnes of barley water and herbal tea,
I’m finally better. (Special thanks to special friend who provided me with perk-me-ups via sms-es)

And so, I started the rainy Saturday at 5am.
Going for a little walk around the park, to finally breathe the fresh air and flex some muscles.
Afterwhich, I had a breakfast date with the lady who baby-sitted me when I was young. I tried to search for the many faces in the crowded market, but could not recognise a single face. Luckily my mum was with me. It’s pretty surreal to meet someone after 19 years. It’s a long time. Just then, I found it hard to imagine myself meeting my friend/s whom I haven’t met for 19 years, when I’m 40. 19 years seems to be a long time. Of cos, it is now. But like one of my professors said, “As you grow older, you’ll realise some decades are longer than the others. While others seem so short.”

And after two days in bed, it was good being able to be out and about (with a bad throat ).
To feel the sun, the crowd, the pushings and the squeezings in the crowd-infested Orchard road.
It felt like I needed to buy so many things.
The sketch book.
The tracing paper.
The colour pencils.
The granite pencil.
The “Figure drawing for Fashion Design” book.
The Guess watch with the leopard print face.
The Magnifique from Lancome. (Which I contemplated for quite some time–I liked the woody note, but not the fact that it was a best seller. So when the SA told me it was selling well, I blurted out, “But won’t I be smelling like everyone else then?”…Nevertheless, I found that scent very sexy. A close fight with Coco Mademoiselle, I would say. Not sickeningly sweet, I like it when there’s a tinge of masculinity, or so I think.)
The Lancome eyeshadow in Strass Black (I love examining the names of eyeshadows. Estee Lauder has taken a likening to name their colours after food–Sugar Cube, Tea Biscuit, Cinnamon, Mocha cup and Plum pop! Yummy!)
and “Remember me?” by Sophie Kinesella.

And so I did.

I think I went crazy. (My mum was with me–and if she nods her head, I’m assured it’s a good buy)

And, I’ve finally decided that it’s empty talk to keep saying I wanna do Fashion.

I’m going to draw. After I’m done with tutorials.

That thought made my heart beat real fast. It felt like I’ve just met …

P.s. 3 nights ago, it was raining real heavily and the 4-month old kitten who resides at the void deck couldn’t stop crying. Surprise surprise, we opened the door, just to kind Kittie and the little kitten outside my door, allowing the kitten to eat his food and sleep on his bed. I think it’s sweet to know that even cats know how to take care of each other. We all need to know how to give a littl loving sometimes. And you’ll never know how much difference it would make, as cliche as it would sound.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shujun87
    Sep 14, 2008 @ 10:31:52

    HEY! Good to hear that you’re feeling better already, it sucks to be sick. -hugs-

    Anyways, I thought Kitty was so lovely in its generosity given to the other kitten! SO SWEET (:

    Hope the new school term’s great! And the next is coming soon! Can’t wait for the next one to start 🙂 hehehehe

  2. Jaslin
    Sep 15, 2008 @ 01:18:01

    Babe! Hope you had fun in Malaysia! I didn’t even know you were gone! till i read your blog, bad gal, didn’t tell me! if not, i could have at least sent you an sms!

    I’m better! =) yes, he’s cute and oh-so-sweet. but sometimes only la! when are you leaving? tell me!! we NEED to meet up ok! and maybe you can come see Kittie! He’ll love u!

  3. Shujun
    Sep 15, 2008 @ 17:44:30

    I’d be leaving on the 25th of Sept, which is next thursday.. Damn, time flies! Anyways, there’s a class gathering thingie on Sat, come! (:

    I had a great time in Malaysia, miss my girls a lot. But at least I’d see them in Sheffers soon.

    A little bittersweet though, going back this time round. A lot of things that I still want to do, and I don’t want to leave my family, but on the other hand, I’m so excited for the new school term! Studying makes me feel very complete, for some reason. Odd aye?! Damn whenever I’m studying I feel like dying, haha and when I don’t have anything to study, I feel so empty!

    ANYWAYS, see you this saturday, if you can come! It’s at night (: meet up with some of the other a301-ers heh.

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