Nothing to lose

I left my waterbottle in the LT at Science today. With the intention to head back into the LT, I ran to the door and peeked into the hall. Since there was a lecture going on, I decided to leave(it’s rude to enter the LT in a midst of an ongoing class just to take something).

Somehow, I felt guilty for leaving my water bottle behind.

If I don’t have anything to begin with, then there’s nothing to lose.


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  1. YS
    Sep 19, 2008 @ 01:00:49

    eks. later thirsty how?

  2. fel
    Sep 19, 2008 @ 11:42:57

    jaslin ah… linking everything to sideburns!

  3. Chris
    Sep 19, 2008 @ 12:04:18

    What sideburn? I see no link…. too subtle.

  4. Jaslin
    Sep 19, 2008 @ 17:12:10

    YS> HAHA! Maybe tt’s when I should hope into a bar for a drink.

    Fel> opps. did I? I’m so gonna stop talk about him. New target. I mean I need a new eyecandy.

    Chris> Ho Ho Ho! There you are! how’s sch ah? all the babes!! You must be happy!

  5. MYS
    Sep 20, 2008 @ 15:52:21

    U remind me of me. 😉 Sometimes I tell myself to learn how to let go of things…and believe me it is seriously hard sometimes, u know how easily attached I get to things and especially people…. :b

  6. hoklc
    Sep 22, 2008 @ 13:05:05

    am reminded of these lyrics “…and never moving forward so there would never be a past…” then again, your post is so true.

  7. Jaslin
    Sep 26, 2008 @ 01:06:20

    MYS> Yea, I agree it’s tough, to break the intial stage and then slowly get use to it. That’s why not having maybe so much better than losing?

    hoklc> wad song is tt?

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