Bus Stop

(credits to Kimyon)

As usual, I sat at the bus stop. After 2 years of travelling to school by the same route almost every school day, the bus stop becomes more than just a stop.
Most of the time, alone, and on some good days, with a friend ot two to talk to.

Sometimes, I wait in anitcipation for bus 10 to come, for fear of being late.
Other days when I’m early, I sit on the bench, wishing that the bus won’t arrive so soon, so that I can savour the time alone..

The bus stop is pretty unique–for you are not able to see which bus is approaching till it comes really near…
Today, I sat on the bench, waiting for the bus…
When I saw the red-top bus arriving, I was half-wishing, half-wondering.

Sitting by the bus stop, parallels with life.
That is not to say that we sit and wait for what we want to come to us.
But in some special instances, we sit at the bus stop, wondering what comes next? Anticipating if the next bus that comes along is what we’ve been waiting for..

So what comes next?

It was one interesting day at school–suddenly, the people I haven’t seen for eons just popped out of nowhere.

As for the other person–I saw you in my dreams the night before, and forced myself to wake up from the bad dream. It was so horrible that I rationalised in my sleep that it has to be a dream, woke up, and realised it was 5 in the morning..
I’m working through the daytime but when it’s time to rest,
I’m lying in my bed, listening to my breath
Falling from the edge, when I see you only when I sleep.

Don’t make me close one more door. Stay in my arms if you dare. Or must I imagine you there?


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