For I am a Fashion Snob

snob_by_chrissiecool (credits to Chrissiecool)

Big no-nos for me.

1) Getting out of the house with wet hair. Or greasy hair.
But of cos, there’re are case of exception, I know. People don’t have all the time in the world to dry their hair, unlike me.

2) Wearing skirts with sports shoes (a rarity these days, thank goodness) unless you’re a JC student.

3) Man with jeans and slippers. Maybe not only slippers. with sport shoes too. (by that, I mean almost-all-the-time)
The footwear is important. Very very important. Leather shoes or loafers sometimes?

4) Boots in Singapore.
Maybe that’s why I’m finding it a refreshing idea to be able to wear them in the UK. Cos, in Singapore, they just seem very odd… I think boots goes best with a coat, that goes below the hips. And of cos, boots have to have stilettoes. Read: diameter of less than 0.5cm.

5) Ill-fitted clothes. So don’t get too hung up on “I’m not buying this in a M! I’m suppose to be a S”
We don’t buy clothes in a smaller size just to make ourselves feel better. The size on the tag of you clothes should not be the issue. The question is, does this flatter me?

6) Furs and excessive prints.
I love leopard prints. But I think it’s a “less is more ” thing. So I don’t really get the whole “leopard print dress” concept. And no real fur! Faux fur is good for me. That’s the down side of some fashion houses that take pride in their real fur deals. For me, that’s a big no-go. Though I wonder why am I not a vegeterian then?

Hmm, then again, maybe I’m not a fashion snob. Just vain.
Besides, we all have our own little list of fashion no-nos and I’m sure I’ll be on one of your list (i.e. No heels/cleavage/stockings…!”)!

We all have our list of Fashion Faux Pas. What’s yours?


I think…

The more mysterious you are, the more seductive you become.

I dreamt.

Accidentally in love.



Just got the confirmation letter from Loughborough! I’ve been waiting for very very long-due to some hiccups in between. Plus, I almost didn’t open that email and left it sitting there since yesterday cos I thought it must be some spam since I couldn’t recognise the sender plus the heading was “CONFIRMATION”. So I stupidly thot it’s going to be some stupid email that says “CONFIRMATION to your winning lottery”. We get a lot of those these days, ya?

My semester starts on the 9th of Feb. And I never knew the Easter Vacation last a month! Like wow.

Shoe shoe! We should get out tickets to France and Spain soon! In case they run out! =D I’m so kiasu.

Postsecret Sunday/ Guess




Of the three postsecret, one truly touched my heart. The other two, I have to say (with guilt) that I do feel that way sometimes (or maybe, most of the time).

Exams start tomorrow and I haven’t been able to sleep. Once I close my eyes, the image of my notes haunts me.

Life has been repetitve–my only perk-me-up this weekend was the email I got with regards to my SEP departure briefing. Which means I’m one step closer to jetting off!

And then I wonder if that means I can’t wait to leave this place, or I can’t wait to get there. Or both.

Here’s a little secret: When I pack my pencil case for the exams, I bring all my pens, about 20. Not because they’re back-ups. Besides, only 3 are in exam-friendly colours. I bring them all, as a little tribute to them, for all the hardwork I’ve put them through when I write my notes.

6.07 am

With my cold hands, I slowly tidy up my desk after working through the night.
Looking at the world around wake up from slumber land, while I get ready to go to bed.

I realise it’s very therapeutic to study at night.
Total me-time with Jason Marz and the occasional fast R&B numbers to accompany me.

It’s early, and I should hit the bed, finally.

Got to let the naughty in me, free.

I’m getting better at it, when I’m not suppose to.

Here I am, suffering from withdrawal symptom from school, 4 days away from the exams.
Strange enough, thinking about the exams makes me nervous. Very bad.

I can’t wait to get it over and done with..then I can
1) stop justifying my online shopping sprees;
2) get ready to jet off to UK;
3) go gay club hopping (field research, actually!);
4) sleep all day,
5) wait for Christmas to come and then watch “Love Actually” over and over again,
6) learn the electric guitar (I saw a very very sexy one that day! but I have to confess, I need determination..),
7) learn pole-dancing (Fantastic way to tone the body! Very Burlesque. Plus I was telling Miss E I would love a pole in my room, no? I think it’s an essential. Plus, Salsa was way too boring..doesn’t help when I refuse to let my male partner lead me, and I almost twisted his hand!)

I’m such a bad girl. So don’t tell me to behave, for I’ll never play that game–who said women should only be seen not heard? (I must be reading too much of the Feminist stuff–which I have to admit gives me an adrenaline rush)
But let me show you someone bad-der than moi.

Whips, baby!
Psst. I play this song up to ten times a day when I’m notes writing–I think I’m obsessed.
Psst Psst. Pardon my nonsense. Pre-exams trauma, remember?.. Tsk Tsk.

Falling slowly

For some strange reason, songs I didn’t know exist in my iTunes pops out once in a blue moon.
More than often, these new songs are songs I skip, without giving them a listen.

But there was this once.
I was in the bus, feeling bad about my day.
Feeling horrible, I couldn’t be bothered to control my Ipod. And so I did, let the list run wild and free in its shuffle mode.

Then came this song. The distinct introduction with the violin, the apt lyrics. This song took my breath away instantaneously. I fall slowly. Which made me realise that the worse part of falling slowly, is that you know you’re inching towards trouble slowly, yet surely and refusing to pull yourself out.

Falling slowly, by The Frames.

I don’t know you but I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can’t react
And games that never amount
To more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out
Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ve made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I’ll sing along

Psst. Another viersion of this song, sang by Glen Hansard (of The Frames) & Marketa Irglova, received a 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song and the soundtrack for the movie, Once, also received a Grammy nomination. Click here for the other version. Equally beautiful.

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