Pre-exams Trauma. Status: Almost, dead

Here I am, 3.16am.

Just done with half of food science and thinking about the exams–it’s going to be very very bad.

Doesn’t help when staying at home for too long becomes very detrimental to my mental health.

I need a perk-me-up!

I need to go shopping, with a credit card that has no limit.

Speaking of which, my mum approached me with an American Express envelope today..
Mum: Why is this Amex letter addressed to you? They sent you a card?
Me: (was equally curios cos I only hold a Visa, but was in the normal rebellious mode) Oh, someone appiled a card for me. For my shopping expenses.
Mum: (Smiles and replied sarcastically) So good ah!

Turns out it was an invitation to apply an Amex. They should do their homework(tho I have to say the packages are very attractive) cos I’m not even employed!

Talking about being a little naughty sometimes, my mum likes to drop not-so-subtle hints that she would prefer not to have non-Chinese son-in-laws..
First line of resistance, I say, ” I ain’t getting married.”
Second line of resistance, I say, “But mixed blood babies are soooooooo cute!”
Third Line of resistance, I thinkto myself, “Ok, I’ll bring an Ang Moh back next year!”

I blame the middle-child syndrome. Haha!

Psst. It’s the pre-exams trauma–I sprout rubbish.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mr stressed Q
    Nov 12, 2008 @ 10:32:47

    wow your blogs are interesting food for thought. and rli appreciate the cheese cake! i was a bit sceptical at first, but after freezing it, it was yummilicious can! thanks, i need more than cake to perk me up, but it was a balm to my wounded soul…

    and i think ur post is very post colonial feminist
    dont want to get married, want to have autonomy over consumption = feminist
    mixed babies = reminiscent of Bhabha’s notion of hybridity, where the interpenetration of binaries irk and frustrate colonialists with their clearly demarcated boundaries and purist attitude… we are working towards postcolonialism, i see…

    its obvious i am sprouting shit right now cos i am v pissed. the stupid haw par villa project i spent like a lifetime doing and co ordinating with my partner, actually accounts for a misery weightage in the assessment. i almost fainted wen prof said exam is 60%. what with project, presentation, tutorial participation, fieldtrip participation, mid term test. what the…!

  2. Jaslin
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 21:46:56

    Haha, you always inject some academic insights into my frivolous entries! Im glad you liked the cakes.

    Save me, I’m dying =(

    oh well, don’t think about the percentage anymore, since you’ve already invested so much time and effort in it

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