Domestic Bitch

hoovering_1_by_witchfinder_stock (credits to witchfinder-stock)

Here I am. Woke up at six in the morning.
To make sure that the water is boiled, and to see if my cat slept well, before allowing him to go out to play.

Yesterday, a list of housework awaited me when I woke up..
Make the beds, sweep and mop the floor, wash the dishes, cook (instant noodles) for my younger sister.

As noon approached, I realise how much of a domestic bitch I am.
After cleaning the floor, I made sure no one dirtied it–a subtle (or maybe not so) “excuse me”, and my sisters will know I’m either making sure that they don’t drop anything on the floor while eating, or to put the dishes back into the sink after they’re done. Plus, baby-sitting Kittie ain’t easy. He follows me around the house, wherever I go and even when I’m taking my nap, he will jump on the bed, give out a loud mew, before positioning himself on my tummy to sleep.

Anis went back to Indonesia for 2 weeks to visit her family and it seems that all the housework falls into my hands. Of which I gladly do, so as to lighten the burden of my mum. But in this case, I got to realise how much of a domestic bitch I am. So much so that I have to learn how to lighten up.
To allow the floor to be dirty, to allow the clothes to be left lying around..

For if there is no mess, then there is no cleaning up to do. What kind of home is that?

And whoever said domestic work isn’t work must be one of the policy-makers who sits in the office, and hardly does any house work. For undeniably, though their job scope does belong to the reproductive sphere, the contribution made is immerse.

And though keeping the house clean is a therapeutic affair, especially in the midst of the exams frenzy, I need a whole lot more of hand moisturiser (as I found myself reaching out for the moisturiser so many times yesterday, it’s like I’ve a new-found obsession with it), and very importantly, more time to maintain my nails.

Afterall, it’s not easy glamorous when doing housework. Yes?

Lets hoover in heels, baby!

Time to go for a jog.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. papersky
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 10:31:26

    Whenever I do housework, my mom would start saying “cold heart discovery”. Translate that to chinese. lol.
    But I like vacuuming! haha.

  2. fel
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 12:49:04

    i didn’t notice the vacuum cleaner in the pic. i was thinking “great gams!”

    how do you make sure that Kittie slept well? wow he’s so clingy, it’s cute! i have this stray cat at my block which meows in a very “teh” way whenever i call it.

  3. shujun87
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 07:33:02

    my flatmate ivor is so funny! and he’s more particular about hands than I am. he always always uses gloves when he’s washing up, (even when I purposely buy those sort of washin up liquids with moisturizers in them). and he always tells me

    “Must protect hands mah, very important!” whilst grinning and waving his blue- gloved hands about.

    He’s hilarious lah, haha.

    Housework is therapy for me sometimes. Bustling round the kitchen and cleaning up a little settles my nerves (: haha. odd.

  4. Jaslin
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 21:50:36

    Papersky> Your mum is cute! The thing is, my mum don’t even bother with housework when the domesti worker is around.

    Fel> Haha, cos he likes to scream if we don’t pay him attention, so every morning, I have to open up his cage, pat him and bring him down to smell the grass. Cats these days are not like the old times eh.

    Shujun> My my! your flatmate is so interesting! Haha! same here, I think doind housework just makes you burn up calories and makes you tired, so you won’t feel agaitated anymore

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