台湾 2008

I thought I should post these before the new year arrives.


Jiu Fen–I think this place is beautiful. Kind of quirky, with an old-school charm and yet modern charisma.



Yummy sweets at Jiu Fen.




Beautiful landforms. When the tour guide was explaining, it did felt like I was on a Physical Geography field trip.



We were brought to an amusement park, and I’m hardly amuse by amusement parks. So, my highlight of the day was the short fireworks display. I think the freezing weather, paired with my shorts made the whole experience much more unforgettable.



At Xi Men Ding–this cat is such a darling! Quite a natural performer!


A close-up.



An hour later, I found him on top of a pile of clothes, getting ready to doze off!



Taipei 101



Wu Fen Pu–where you can find lots of clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I only bought 3 pairs of stockings. It’s interesting to find yourself in a huge crowd. You don’t have to walk, the crowd flows like a river!



Pepper cakes in Gao Xiong. I love all things spicy!

Which reminds me of what the food science lecturer said–if you’re a person who likes spicy food, you can try whipping yourself in the room. Kinky, no?



Pig in the park.






It was quite crazy following a tour, cos we spent lots of time in the bus. So I’m really thankful for my iPod.





 As I count down to the new year, I usually get pretty jittery, wondering if I’ve done what I’ve set out to complete. It’s like reminiscing the feeling of being a primary school girl all over again.

You know, the night before the first day of school, where you toss and turn, feeling excited, uneasy at the same time, while trying to do a mental checklist to make sure you’ve complete all your holiday homework? That’s how I feel.

Bring it on, 2009.


New love

I’ve got a new love to spend my new year with.

He doesn’t have sexy sideburns(almost a must, but an exception this time),
no impressive wardrobe,
can’t play the guitar,
no sexy shoulders,
can’t sing.

But it helps that
he’s cute with an easy charm,
takes the initiative to hug me,
adored by my family,
ain’t intimidated by me.

And I have a good feeling he’ll stick here by me for a long long time.

Postsecret Sunday/ Amore

I’m still waiting for this week’s postsecret.


Sometimes, I secretly think there’s a need for a more romantic place for a date because the date isn’t who you want. A need for a romantic place is just a form of distraction, a way to supress the inner desire.

The Reason

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.
–Coco Chanel

Now now, we all have a good citation to give when people ask, “why dress up?”

All I want for Christmas is you

Back from Taiwan, and phew, just got my exams results back.

(One of my favourite scenes from “Love Actually”. The little boy, Sam who’s playing the drums is secretly in love with the singer, Joanna. It’s cute when he asked his dad “You think I’m too young to be in love?”. Plus, the last part of this vid is real funny!)

And so, Christmas is almost here.

I like it quiet, no parties.

To make the occasion complete, “All I want for Christmas is you” will be on the repeat mode as I groove to myself.

Not forgetting “Love Actually”. Of which I’m glad SQ flights put it under their all-time favourites list, so I got to watch it thrice on my way there and back.

All I want for Christmas is you. Of cos you don’t know that. You don’t have to.
That way, you’ll remain mysterious, and it gives me a good reason to put a special meaning to my favourite Christmas song.

With sugar, spice and everything nice. Just because it’s Christmas…

Postsecret Sunday/ 365 days

My Sunday ritual was made a little more special this week.

For it has been a year, and almost 3 hours, to be precise. And it does feel strange not to verbalise some feelings into words. Very unlike me, but that’s the way to play it safe.

This week’s Postsecrets made my heart skipped a few beats with a few special secrets. So here they are, with the immediate response that popped out of my head.



It can happen, and you know it.



When I see you, I fumble on the outside but am certain on the inside, without fail.



Yes, you.



You just don’t know yet.


This string of secrets from different people tell a story. 

A year ago, and a year from now– the beauty of time.


It’s crazy.
Called the British embassy, British Airways, STA, HSBC and a few tour agents. What’s with companies and their inflexible voice machines? I need to talk to a person who will give me what I want.
And I need a solution for my luggage allowance since BA said they only allow a one-piece 23kg luggage. So I’m going to pay the 25 pounds to up the allowance to 32kg.

What I need to do now is, strategize and prioritize.
Clothes are a must but when it comes to shoes and bags, I have to leave some behind and bring the highly versatile ones only.
Which means more tops and bottoms, less dresses. I look at it this way. You can always mix and match your tops and bottoms. As for dresses, you can accesorise(belts, leggings, layering) but how far can you get? Especially when many dresses ain’t that versatile to begin with.

Sample sales in London will save the day!

Decembers always seem to pass so fast—jetting off to Taiwan next week, back the week after next, then comes Christmas and the new year.

Strange, for when the days pass so fast and the to-do list piles up, I find myself getting panic pangs sometimes. Quite a far cry from the initial excitement, definitely.

Wait till I get there la!

And I can’t help but get in the mood to groove when I listen to this and it has been going on for months. Like some kind of chronic addiction!

Psst. When my sisters and I listen to this in the car, we’ll go crazy!
“Low low low low low low low low”

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