Postsecret Sunday/ Wake up call


Every Sunday morning, I get out of bed, grab the laptop and immediately click on Postsecret even though I know that it only gets updated in the evening.
Maybe it has become a habit, or maybe I hope that by checking the page earlier, Frank may one day put up the secrets earlier too.
Crazy, I know.

The last week was not easy– –the exams, and the depressing news on the TV, the internet… A pretty emotional week, I must admit.

It was like a wake-up call. A timely one.
For as a student, I realise I can get pretty caught up with the books. Into the night, when I’m alone with the piles of readings, I may sometimes even indulge in self-pity, wondering why do I need to go through the torturing exams.
And then the news of the Mumbai attacks came in when I was looking through the news updates in between cramming. Devasting, it was. To listen to the encounters of the survivors and to see the pictures of what is left, the lives and love lost.
Back to books, I realise I was too caught up, with my own world.

I always loved Decembers. As much as the crazy monsoon rain does dampen my mood sometimes, I love how the streets are all dresses up, looking like they are ready to party.
But I just don’t feel that festive this year.

We all need more love. Not for ourselves, but for each other.


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