It’s like Murphy’s law.
4 more days, and I’m travelling around the little island–trying to get all my stuff fixed. My handphone has officially declared that it has to be repaired before it braves the new continent with me..
(so I can’t really contact anyone at the moment..pardon me if I suddenly disappear)

4 more days, and I’m trying to schedule time. I remember it was not too long ago that I often think I’m rotting in the comfort of my home when everyone else was out saving the world.
But now, I really really have to squeeze time to get things done –tell me about being so last minute.
It’s like, “Oh, I need a travel iron, oh, and the hair dryer, oh, and that Valentino-red nail polish, and adapter! oh, I was suppose to meet XX!”



Little pep talk

And so, I sat in the hall with my mum, with the TV switched on, thinking about the dresses I intend to pack with me to the UK…

Mum: Be careful of who goes near to your drinks…
Me: Ok! but I hardly drink, cos I get red, and I hate to see my face turn red..and i only drink some cocktails and wine…
Mum: I mean any kind of drinks…not just alcohol! They can drug anything you know…
Me: Ok ok..
Mum: And you never know who has AIDS..even the most decent-looking man may not be decent
Me(trying hard not to laugh): Yea, I know.

My mum is cute, isn’t she?

Before the 5-months exchange, that’s starting a week from now.
I’m quite hyped up, trying hard to draw up a packing list, with a crazy week ahead –filled with last-min shopping, and little meet-ups…

I will miss the familiarity. But that’s what I’m trying to get away from too.

Maybe, when I’m back, I’m no longer distracted by you.

Who is to answer that?

Butterflies, in the stomach

Some people are settling down.
Some are settling…

While others will not settle for anything less, than butterflies.

A little break

I got so distracted this week.
I almost forgot to think about you.

I’m a bad bad girl.

Consuming pleasures

From SATC:

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with. 

That’s gonna be my new line — something to say when people say I’m wild.

So here I am, in front of my laptop opening the box of Thortons my friend got me from the UK.

On the wrapper, it says, “Love me. Unwrap me. Eat me.”

Seriously, I have no problems loving, unwrapping and savoring the chocolates.. but then, I had a thought, it was indeed more exciting to have the wrapper of the chocolate seduce the consumer first.

Equating food to calories is doing food injustice. Really.

You don’t just consume calories, you consume pleasure.

On a totally irrelevant note, I have to admit that it’s very rare I find emails from men so fashion-savvy and funny at the same time..more importantly, it does not even thread on the fine line of being offensive.

Psst. I’ll be waiting for “The Sartorialist “- The Book! Out in Sep 2009.

And I can’t believe that I actually posted this entry (and probably many entries before this) with grammatical errors. This just goes to show that my brain can’t be on vacation any longer.

Postsecret Sunday/ Law of relativity



The other side: I don’t care where you are. I miss you.





The size of our world is relative.

I may travel half the world, and back,  just to find you.

Maybe when that happens, my world is not so big afterall.


I really love my tuition kid and the things she tells me…

Her: Teacher, why are you always buying shoes?

Me: (while frantically marking her work) Huh? I haven’t bought shoes for about 2 weeks already…

Her: But whenever I try calling you, you don’t answer and it always say that you’re shopping for shoes. My daddy tried calling you too, and he also wonders why are you always buying shoes.

Me: Ok darling, I’m not trying to confuse you … just take that with a pinch of salt.

Yes yes, anyone who bothers to call me will realise that I do not answer my calls. Not because I don’t want to, but my phone almost-always on the silent mode(I don’t like to be tied down to a phone– — I always think we can do better than being at the beck and call of a phone. I hate it that I will/may feel obligated to answer it when it rings, out loud.)

And when I don’t pick my calls, you will get to my voice mail which will say, “Hey, this is Jaslin. I’m busy looking for the perfect pair of shoes. So leave a msg and I’ll call you back!”

Simply put, I liken life to searching for the perfect pair of shoes — some may see the details I look out for as frivolous and unnecessary. But look at it this way, shoes are almost like a must (to protect your soles) so may think that as long as they serve their purpose, who cares?

I do.

Shoes don’t only serve their purpose, they accentuate your wardrobe, and allow you to walk with better poise and posture. Personally, it’s my mood detector as well… Like I’ve told some, if you see me in slippers, it shows that I’m not really very happy. Cos when I feel sloppy, it means I’m in the mood to bite. Otherwise, it means I’m ready to walk a lot!

Don’t get me wrong though, “perfect” does not equate the orthodox pretty. What matters is how it fits one’s lifestyle, and very very importantly, your feet of cos.

Little wonder I was terribly impressed when a guy looked at my heels and told me, “nice pumps!”… Ahha, shoes are not just shoes. There are different types of shoes, and he got it right!

Psst. I just got an email for the dean’s office saying that I’ve not reistered for any modules yet. And it went, “In case you are not aware, the Faculty’s recommended workload per semester is 20 MCs. If you encounter any difficulties in coping, you may wish to visit the Counselling Centre staff”. Oh oh, that means I need to email more people. And when I told my mum, she rolled her eyes and said, “your school ah!”

Psst Psst. I need to say that I’m feeling REALLY angry, that I will be in UK when Jason Mraz comes down to Singapore!

And I was watching half of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, I love her cat and needless to say, her wardrobe! Even though it was a Black and White film, the limit to the 2 colours did not dampen the beauty of her style.

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