A beautiful letdown

(credits to decemberdawning)

It’s amazing to look back and see how life has brough us to different places, to meet different people. The people you have always wanted to meet, the places you’ve always wanted to go somehow remains in the heart, to serve as a constant reminder of what has yet to come.

Today, I’ve finally realised that some people are meant to the passers-by in life. Yes, they literally pass by you, with occasional bonus of a nod or a smile of acknowledgment, however, it never goes beyond that.

That’s the beauty of life, really. We all move at different paces, to different places. And sometimes, there are one or two beautiful letdown of what might have been.

What might have been?


With one, comes another

There will be no disappointments, if not for expectations.

Thinking of you

You’re like an Indian summer, in the middle of winter.
Like a hard candy with a surprise center.
How do I get better once I’ve had the best?

I love this song, her make-up and her clothes! oh, and the black umbrealla!

Vee day at Lufbra

Amazing day, blessed with wonderful weather.
Sparse clouds in the blue sky.
Most importantly, the good company.
Indeed, it was surreal. To be able to shop, dine and explore this new continent with you.

It’s Vee day. And nope, (I was asked by a few about V day  in Loughborough), I’m glad that it was not all the hearts, big bouquet of roses and couples who seem to feel the competition to disply there love.
No doubt, there were a few bears with heart around, but it’s more subtle here. More intangible, which seem to be more in sync with the notion of love.



Nope, these flowers are sold here every weekend.. afterall, we don’t need an occasion to give flowers, do we?




Thornton’s Flagship store in Loughborough (pronounce: Lufbra).. I almost fainted inside..




We stepped into the very generic English eatert, with lotsa beer, live football/rugby telecast and men. Hmm, the many types of sauces they provide made me wonder if the food will taste bad. You know, sauce to make up for the lack of taste…





But I was wrong! It was not bad! For 5 pounds each dish! I will be back for the desserts, someday! I had no space for desserts….cos…



… I wanted to try the Milkshake. Had Twix Milkshake (they have many man flavours to choose from: Reese Buttercup, Mars, Snickers, Apple Pie, Cinnamon..blah blah blah..) , and it was damn damn sweet (even the mashmallows here are sweeter, I heard…haven’t and don’t intend to try that)– I’m not going near any sort of milkshake in the next 2 years! But the cup was real cute la, hmm, that was the reason I wanted to try the milkshake actually!



We had a good laugh when we passed this…shoe said it looks “dodgy”. Cheesey eh!



Haha, I want a “Department of Geography” van too!



Now, I can’t wait to go to Paris, Amsterdam(?), and Milan too! Maybe can squeeze Prague in? Ok shoe! We’ll book by next week! Then I will go find people out to go to Spain with me!

Alrighty, time to sleep. Heading to Notthingham tomorrow!

Psst. Lufbra’s town ain’t big, but wow, shopping here can be quite shiong. haha, and when you flash you student’s card, you get 10% off at Topshop (and some other shops too!) I’m falling in love being an exchange student la– study between play, flash card and get discount!

Psst Psst. Gotta share this amazing song with everyone! It’s on repeat mode in my iPod.

Say it right.

Sometimes, when you say something, I take a while to register, ponder, than dig into my emotions bank account.

That’s why, I am 2 steps when it comes to words involving emotions.

Maybe next time, I will say it right.

Wait a minute

Slow down, slow down…
When I meet new people, I can’t immediately interact like I’ve known you for years…unless of cos, u’re a rarity and someone I share many interest with…

Being alone in a faraway land prove this point further. I know, I’m “not alone”, but we can’t deny that my family, the friends I grew up with are not with me now (in terms of geographical proximity), as such, being away means I have to establish a new circle of friends…

Every now and then, I feel compelled to be chummy with the people I just met, and it’s not easy. I need time to observe people, to disgest what I see, what you say… in other words, u can describe to me one of the quintessential 慢热型 person. That’s why, when I started jamming with a new band a few weeks before I left for the exchange prog, they guys described me as “quiet/shy”. Which almost made me fall of my chair. But looking back, I think that’s true to a large extent.

I talk a lot, but sometimes choose to keep quiet than make meaningless small talks, or simply to observe.
I can be wild and crazy, but the rational side usually takes over before the wild side gets an upper hand.
I am not afraid to speak my mind and confront others when need be, but can get real shy sometimes too.

I mean, people are multi-faceted, and we all have our different sides, depending on who we’re with and where we are, isn’t it?

But undeniably, I’m guarded as ever.
To some, to trust is a right to others.
To me, to trust, is a priviledge.

To live life, is to enjoy the moment. I need to savour the process.

Psst. My roomie and I went grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s just now, and on our way back, it snowed again! Urgh, winter…but I have to say so dar, it has been quite a refreshing change, tho having to do grocery shopping every few days does feel quite mumsy… don’t get me started on the menu! But I have to say, I love Sainsbury’s! =D

Psst Psst. And I have to say I’m learning a bit more about German food, apparently, they have a dish in which they cook rice in milk and sugar! Wow, maybe next time, I’ll ask her to teach me! haha

I’ve got trouble, trouble, trouble…

I think I’m in trouble.
I just back from shopping in Loughborough town centre, and I was deeply satisfied. Didn’t have the time to step into Topshop and Boots–but I’ll be back, maybe on Friday!
And I shopped so much, and it’s just Loughborough, a town that’s supposedly real boring. I can’t imagine what happens when I hit London, Nottingham and Birmingham..Oh no…no wonder I need 5 months here..to allow me to have time to comb thru the shopping districts across UK..at the same time, remembering that I’ve got limited cash flow.

And I’ve got company now! My German room-mate is here, so I’m not that bored anymore. And I’ve found the other NUS students who are here for exchange, and some other Singaporeans who studies in Lboro full-time too! We had home-cooked curry and tang yuan ( since it was 元宵).. ah…it was such a good break from bread, pasta, and salad! It was quite an experience to walk back to hostel from the city–it was raining when we started walking, and half way thru, it started snowing!

I’m so hoping to send some stuff back soon! Saw some things my sisters and mum would really love..haha, no wonder one of the Singaporeans whom I met over dinner yeaterday said that exchange students are the source of great economic boost to the UK..

And the winds are pretty strong now, but the snow has started to melt! I was really happy to see the crisp green grasses that were hidden under all the snow when I was jogging..and that the sports science students are back on the field, training and having lessons…I miss the humidity and sun..

Ah…things are better now. At least I’ve stopped feeling like I’ve signed up for isolation boot-camp.

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