Come with me

If I lay here.
Would you lie with me and just forget about the world?

Our 7 hour difference is painfully beautiful.


Bright evening Musings

I’ve been pampered silly in Italy and Holland.
Good dinner with good wine. Accompanied with tonnes of hearty laughter.
Lying on the grass, without a care in the world.
Strawberries and chocolate in bed.
Discovering markets in unexpected corners that brought many surprises.

Yes, shopping and eating is two of the things that can make me happy. But eating good food with the beautiful company beats shopping anytime, anyday.
That’s why your truly have to jog every single day.

And now, I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms…
Finding it hard to read my readings.

Work today, party tomorrow!

Thinking of you

I was bored with reading literatures, so I played around with my sound recorder! Here’s what I’ve got!

Not in the best quality…ok, actually, the quality is quite bad..since I was using the sound recorder, which records on a one-minute basis. Which means, I recorded the song in 3 parts..when my roomie is out, of cos.

Presenting to you half a cover of KatyPerry’s “Thinking of you”

Psst. You have to press Play!

Sunday morning

Back from Amsterdam..and Easter hols is almost over. I’m thankful it has been a good month of travelling.

Sitting by the window, facing the sun, I’m all set to get my coursework done but my attention got on the hair capsules I placed by the table. As a daily routine, I take one out to moisturise my hair. And today, I realise I’ve almost finished another bottle of it.

Now, I’m left with one.
One more bottle of hair capsules and I’ll be heading home. Back to the sunny island.
I love it here..the lessons of independence. Doing grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning up..and all I’ve taken for granted.
But I miss home too.

Someday, it will lead me back to you.

The Italian experience






My fave snaps from the Italy trip. Travelling from Rome, to Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, and Venice.

Lying on the grass without a care about the grass stains, basking under the tuscan sun,

watching the world go by.

Taking time to explore new places and hidden gems without an itinery to keep up with.

Not forgetting the wonderous company and glorious food to complete this Italian experience.

P.s. A special thanks to those who tried to contact me to ask if I was ok after the earthquake. I’m thankful we’re all good and safe!

Alright, heading to Amsterdam!

Just a girl

“Don’t forget, I’m also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her…”

–Notting Hill