Musings in lufbra

Cloudless morning made complete witha smiley-faced onion and a handmade card (it has been so long…).

Shopping for cosmetics in town on the lazy Saturday afternoon, followed by having fun while doing groceries in Sainsbury’s.

Dinner at Noodle Bar, followed by homemade Sangria.

Rock climbing talk with roomie.

I will look back. Reminise. And miss these days. A lot.

This special group of people in Lufbra. Words can’t do them justice. Really.


Postsecret Sunday/ Think of me


And I know when you don’t.. I think.

In the big, bad world we live in, it’s easy to lose each other.

And I think you’re getting too far away…so far that I can hardly, barely hold on to you.

3 Weeks

I knew some thing would change when I said “goodbye”.

I knew it would never be the same again.


How do I get closer to you when you keep it all on mute?

But with you, there’s no guarantee, only expired warranty.
A bunch of broken parts and I can’t seem to find your heart.

But you’re not a man. You’re just a Mannequin.

–Mannequin, Katy Perry

counting down to 4 weeks.

Just got back from Peak district, sheffield and medowhall.

Looking at the calendar, counting down to the date of returning back home. I realised I’ve unknowingly fell in love with the place I once regarded as foreign… and now, I’ve really really grown to fall in love with the company here too.

A part of me wants to be back home, and another part of me wishes this exchange programme would last longer.

Life is as such isn’t it? We’re greedy.

Psst. Thanks shoe! The lunch was fabulous! We all enjoyed it so much! =D


After my Central America presentation on Tuesday, my lecturer said, “You speak very good English!”

Psst. Caught my first ever Rugby match (Lufbra vs England) yesterday… was standing in front and I have to say my heart skipped many many beats…cos I got a bit worried for the players.. bleeding forehead, mouth.. boys do get aggressive!

Les Miserables

Ah. Back from London.. and I have to say it was fun! The first time the 7 of us ventured out together.

Les Miserables was great.. and very touching! So touching that a Mr X asked, “You cried right? I saw you touching your eyes!”

When “On my own” played, I almost did….

Sometimes I walk alone at night when everybody else is sleeping.
I think of him, and then I’m happy with the company I’m keeping.
The city goes to bed, and I can live inside my head.

On my own, pretending he’s beside me.
All alone, I walk with him till morning.
I love him, but when the night is over,
He is gone, the river’s just a river.
Without him, the world around me changes.
The trees are bare and everywhere
The streets are full of strangers.

Everyone who goes through an Eponine episode in their life will learn to survive.

Psst. Exams timetable is out! And i’ve got 3 weeks of play time before I return!

Psst Psst. Road trip to Cambridge and Bicester this weekend!

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