So unusual

“When a relationship has ended, and you know the story ends… you can write a song then..”— Jason Mraz


Love and leave

Instead of paying attention to the screen, my mind drifted away, thinking of you, you and you. Suddenly, I realised I’ve been here– torn and broken — more than once, more than I asked for.

This cyclical emotional roller-coaster has officially taken a toll on me, and I don’t see it as exhilerating and exciting anymore. Not when my emotional bank account is running close to deficit.
Don’t love and leave me.

Spare me already.

Postsecret Sunday/ Almost, lingering.



I’m in love with two men. I’m not married to the better of the two.
(Decoded by Alex & Troy; PostSecret Community)


Not quite so..but..

I think,
though not entirely positive,

that things are looking up.

And so it is.

…after a few weeks. I’m done.
I think I had my fair share of guilty pleasure and indulgence.
Perhaps, it’s time to stop the train of thoughts, array of emotions, and just rest, rejuvenate. Stop this slow dancing in a burning room. Sweet while reminiscing, painful when reality hits.

Amazingly, I’ve learnt a lot from someone much younger than me– that emotions are a integral part of me. As much as it brings me much pain sometimes, I can’t do without it. Not at all. Just like the first fall we all had to go through when we were young, and were told by our parents to stand up on our own. I think that’s a little peek into how life would be when we grow up..
As we leaned against the wall and listened to the last song, you turned to me, smiled a little and told me to pay attention to this line
“…Cause I’d die if I saw you. I’d die if I didn’t see you there….”
Then, you laughed and said quite innocently, “Will die either way”, while I looked back at you and nodded.
Indeed, that’s the prowess some people have.

So I’ll enjoy the process of having you slip through my hands.

Psst. Thanks for injecting some John Mayer into my life. I’m starting to love his music, I think..

Postsecret Sunday/ Wordplay



I think I’m done with wordplay.
Put whatever you have on the table and come clean. Or maybe not.

Cos I’m walking away from you, for good.


From tonight, I will sleep well.
Very well.

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