The unwrap-pable

I was told, “There are many people around you who cares..”
And I would love to believe in that. Somehow, I still find that I belong neither here nor there. Like as if I’m still searching for my place. Not a physical place of cos. If only things were so simple.

I was only away for a few months, and yet, being back seem to be more difficult that being away. Being away, I had a place called “home” that I could look forward to returning to, people to miss, people to think about. Now, back in the place I should feel like I belong to, I strangely feel a little out of place. Misplaced, yes, I think that’s that appropriate word.

Perhaps, In a few days, weeks, or months, this feeling of being displaced will disappear..
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

p.s. Yup, I write when I’m in a not-so-cheery mood. It’s my cathartic release.


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  1. MR Q
    Aug 10, 2009 @ 22:50:02

    well, you are not the only one who is strangely (dis)located, or (dis)placed.

    people have often constructed the home as an asset, as a refuge, but i have repeated experienced ” the myth of the safe home”.
    my home, is a familiarly war torn location
    my home is a golden plated cage, a prison

    what happens when the place you desire, is away from home?
    is home a mentality? a place in your heart, or simply an elusive chase? perhaps then, being (dis)placed is where our place is. Perhaps, we will never be (em)placed wherever we go.
    Perhaps, we should be comfortable as strangers, atoms and islands. perhaps this way, when we detach ourselves from all entanglements of feelings, emotions that weigh us down, albeit feeling lonesome and empty, can we truly freely breathe.

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