Postsecret Sunday


When asked about you, I don’t feel what I felt anymore.
Falling in, out and down. With more than one, as I have to sheepishly admit.
Perhaps, I finally found the avenue to to an open heart.
After all these years.

Psst. I still find myself chronically addicted to “slow dancing in a burning room”, in 3 different versions, mind you!


Little musings.

Life works in funny ways. And as much as I would hope for a better alternative, 22 years of life has taught me to make lemonades when life gives you lemon.

Lemonade, anyone?

Or perhaps, Limoncello would be good!


You can cross the line anytime, and be my best kept secret.

New found pleasure

I’m getting real addicted to John Mayer’s music.

Postsecret Sunday/ Simply for



Slow dancing in a burning room. No more

Back from Sarawak. Proud to have been part of the mountain climbings, jungle hikes, the stay at the Iban Longhouse, the star-gazing in the wilderness, sitting on the groundsheet looking up till our necks strained, and the lantern-burning/dropping experience along the waterfront in Kuching.

And I’ve to say I’m one smiley face.
No more hard feelings, no more resentment.
I’m only left with getting rid of the little moments of uneasiness that surfaces once in a while. Somehow, perhaps with the blessing of the shooting star I silently watched, my little dream came true.

It’s good to be away, to realise how beautiful my world can be without you.

Now, I can finally say, I’ve stopped slow dancing in the burning room.

Back to backpacking

As I’m packing for Sarawak, I realised I miss those days in Lufbra. The days of the backpack, over-nighters and I.
The days of threading on streets of breath-taking cities.
The crazy-long rides– the most memorable one would have to be the crazy river-taxi ride in Venice.

I miss Europe. And I will be back.

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