On the side of me

I say that school’s a battlefield..cos I’m nowhere close to being a top student, and less-than-desirable grades never fail to make me feel like crap.

So when I woke up to my fave friend’s sms reading “Let’s have lunch?”, I jumped out of bed. Yup, I needed to get my mind off school and the exams, and my bad grades.

You, yes, you, showed me how I have much to be grateful about. School may not be going well, and I think I won’t want to do thesis anymore..but all that’s not going well is not everything that defines me, isn’t it?

I have to shamefully admit that a few nights ago, I was almost in tears, wondering if I should just stop the Honour’s prog and file for graduation.. but if I were to do that, I realise it will be a regret I will have to face for a long long time.

The grades may not be good in the end, but I won’t want to give up without putting on a good fight.

So thank you, my fave friend, for putting up with my rantings, for showing me the way back to where I belong before I lose focus, for reminding me that we all need a little patience.

I am not a good student, but I’m much more a student.


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