Perhaps/ The wonderwall

(credits to bittersweet1424)

Today, I finally gotten round to knowing the reason why I didn’t contact you when I was stranded in Heathrow. Strange to have myself answering my question, the question I asked myself then and there. A good 5 months ago.

Somehow, perhaps, deep down, I knew. That we won’t go far.
And I was right.

Perhaps, however, thinking I know what will come next makes me unadventurous . Or perhaps, I love myself too much to venture into possible pain.

Love for self can be seen as confidence, arrogance and what have you.. But I think it more importantly creates the wall.
The wall that protects the self, and prevents the other(s) from entering.

The wall may come down, eventually.. perhaps.

Perhaps when the other(s) proves to be worth the while.
Or perhaps, when the other(s) turn out to be the wonderwall of the self.


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