Random pre-exams musings

Have got an exam later and I asked my sister, “What should I wear?”

Her response, “It’s the exam period..no one cares.”

Looks like I’ve become a “no one”.

And my dreams are getting weirder– they seem to make sense at first, but after awhile, it becomes a party with everyone I know appearing randomly.

That goes to show I’m missing people.
Been stuck at home for way too long.

Hopefully, I will survive the exams. Conquer and thrive.
Then I can get back to ogling fashion-y stuff and food porn with no guilt. Plus, get my brain into thinking about my wardrobe. It shouldn’t remain stagent for too long..

And if any kind souls out there with contacts in the fashion industry, please let me know of any opening for internships. Yes, I will willingly work for free. Or rather, I see that as working for my future.


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