Ramdom Musings

After 3 hours on the dancefloor,
I came out losing my voice,
with you in my mind,

Man up, Jaslin.

2010– new year, same dreams. More pursuits.



I need more self-love.
I know I may be taking the easy way out but right now, I need to focus.

And stop thinking.

words. open to interpretation(s)

“You can buy me a drink”
is gonna haunt me for life.

Could have, would have.

Should have.

Sometimes, I think I want you so bad. So much. That I screw myself up.

Friends, Lovers or Nothing

John Mayer did it again.
Somehow, he sings my thoughts. Scary as it sounds.

“Friends, Lovers or Nothing” aptly sums up my past romantic encounter(s).
Always stuck in the in-between of friends and lovers, but too scared to move forward. So we always end up from the in-between of friends and lovers, to becoming nothing.
Fearful of commitments, always a little too prideful, a little too proud.

Anything other than yes, is no.
Anything other than stay, is go.
Anything less than “I love you”, is lying.

For now, I shall indulge in more John Mayer goodness.

Gift for Christmas

I’m glad I didn’t give up.

I now officially declare this sem has been one of the most rewarding sem thus far.

I’m tired

At crossroads.
And I’ve to admit I’m bad at games.
Games people play.

I might have allowed you to walk away. But I think I’ve done all I can.

Postsecret Sunday

That’s all I want for Christmas.

If you’re wondering, my Christmas wish this year will be simple.
It’ll be the same as the previous year,
and the year before.

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