I’ve decided

A few months back, I put my deep red lipstick away for a more nude lip look. Just so because my friends and I were trying to analyse what exactly it is that makes me so foxy. Yup, I was desperately trying to un-foxify myself.

It went from the change in lip colour;
to the less fierce outfits;
not wearing stilettos everyday to trade down for flat pumps some days.
Then I was almost on the verge of less cleavage-revealing clothes (Ok, this was a bit hard to do, cos I don’t see anything wrong with cleavages, especially when they’re not made of plastic or push-up aids).

But, I’ve decided to put my deep red/red lips back. The fierce and foxy is coming back too.
Cos they truly belong to me.

And I admit I don’t believe in the nude subtle make-up, the girl-next-door. It’s a good image to have, especially when living in Singapore. But that’s not who I am.
The world is made of different types of people, and it’s the diversity that we should celebrate!

I’m gearing up for full-glam and bringing it back to its true blue glory.

I look foxy, and so?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. MR Q
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 09:05:09

    for goodness sake you dont look foxy!
    anw, i just met my boss for this part time job for the first time yesterday and she was like you are dressed too sexily and look like a bad girl to represent NUS to do surveys
    as for the toss and turn part, well i have something to share w you too!

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