Rhythm and Beats

I fell asleep in the afternoon sun thinking “down-up-up-down up-up down-up-down-up”.

And I have to admit I’m quite a bimbo at times.



Oh no.. I think I need more practice.
Even if that means more pain, I will persist.

And I had a fab friday. Which is a great way to kickstart the busy weekends!

I think, my feelings have changed.

Some 1000 awesome things

#565 Moving forward and moving on

Names, or not

I want a sex machine,
a sexual healing,
and an orgasm.

From Nars.
If you still have got no idea what i’m talking about, they’re the names of a lip pencil, lipstick and blush.

I love it when cosmetic houses name their products instead of giving them numbers. Just like how some Estee Lauder eyeshadows are named after food, and Nars…pretty sexual ones. Naming the products will make them more relatable to the customers, and when the names are aptly given, trust me, the product will be a good seller.

Speaking of which, I’ve always been faithful to Lancome should when it comes to skincare, but I’m getting quite peeved with the service and the products.

So, the search for a new skincare range might have (just) started.

On a side note, i can’t put a finger to my mood, but I’m in a be brutally-honest mode right now. So go on and fire away if you want honest opinions.

Superficial musings

I’m trying to find a lipcolour.
And I officially think that’s quite a task. After combing thru the counters of Lancome and Mac.

I can’t do nude lips too well and it’s sad that so many of our lipcolours sold here can be said as “a range of nudes”.

Like how my Valentino’s let me down a little.

Pfft. and so, the search continues.
For all the sales assistants tell me I need stong-red lips, and i want something wearable and versatile– that’s when the search drives me crazy.


I just realised that it’s all in my mind.

And here I stand, at ground zero.

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