I have no idea what got me so grossly upset yesterday.

When I get all upset, I know I scare people.




I need to stop thinking.
Stop regretting. For there’s no way I can undo them

And start learning from my mistakes.

tweet tweet

I can’t believe I’m following John Mayer and Lancome on twitter.
I do think I need a life. =)

Life is simple (not)

Life can be real simple if we want it to be..

And if I want life to be that simple,
I will go bare-face all the time, no fuss with all that make-up, hair and nails;
I will wear flats all the time (tho I’m a little prone to falling in them);
I will date a guy who’s super into be, no heart-stopping moments, no zaa-zaa-zhu, no awkward moments.

And some people do think life is that simple, that’s why I’m a bad girl.
That girl who wears make-up. Perhaps, way too much.
That girl who wears heels too often.
That girl who wears clothes that look a bit funny sometimes–bearing too much.
That girl with the nose-piercing.

Thankfully, life ain’t all that simple. There’s always a little complexity, a little irony that make everything so much more fun, isn’t it?

880 and counting

I know you won’t forget me,so I’d rather let you blow my mind.

Almost 880 days ago, you caught my eye. Yes you did.
Depsite the other almost-lovers, nothing compares.

Perhaps, that’s what scares me.



I managed to learn one song today– Falling for you!
And I’m uber excited! Cos I was feeling really demoralised about learning the guitar, but now that I can play and sing that song, giving up is not an option!

I’m on a mission to learn another song! Tomorrow! Yeah, I’m feeling helluva ambitious!

Like he says, “We’ll get there”. I’m starting to believe in that.

I’m a smiley face, at 2 in the morning.


I need more discipline.
And I need to redeem myself from the immerse guilt too.

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