Losing Jaslin

I thought I was pretty lost.
But after a night of sleep, I realise that as lost as I might have been perceived to be, there are just many sides of me.

Undoubtedly, most of the time, I’m confident and assertive.
Some other times, I prefer to be quiet and accepting.
And in front of some others, I may become extremely shy and meek– believe it or not.

Interestingly, I’ve had people tell me sometimes that “oh Jaslin, you’re not yourself when you are not … … ”

The truth is I don’t even know how I will react sometimes, and before I have a chance to, with people telling me how I should do as Jaslin is pretty stressful too.

I’m not perfect, nobody is.

sometimes, I really have my “little-girl” moments when I do things that the grown-up Jaslin usually doesn’t. But hey, that’s part of living life right? If people who presumably knows me well enough knows how I’m gonna react (or rather, how I should react) all the time, doesn’t it takes the element of surprise away?

If I always behave like Jaslin should, trust me, there are people who I wouldn’t have allowed to just walk out of my life.

If you think you’re losing me, trust me, I’m not having an easier time. I guess part of the deal is, nobody likes to be the one who’s not in power.
But is that really a choice?

I’ve the right to fumble and crumble, and if you choose to judge me at my weak moments, then perhaps, you’re truly losing Jaslin.


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