Collecting vices

With two jamming sessions and three kids to teach this weekend, I’m praying that my voice will see me through all the madness.

I’ve been doing a little thinking these days.
And blah but true, time to stop thinking of impossibilities man.

And I’ve to stop facebooking, seriously.

And stop shopping too.
Is it me, or are there really many things to buy? I mean, a girl needs her bags, shoes, make-up, clothes, skin care. Yes?
That’s basic maintenance. And I guess I’ve come to terms with being labelled as ‘high maintenance’, just that, I do not depend on anyone for that. No even my parents. I believe in working hard for my money– so tell me, what’s so bad with this girl being high maintenance then?

Geez, I’m collecting vices it seems!

Well-behaved women barely make history anyway.

So, let me be naughty and nice. -whip whip-


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  1. La.leche
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 10:51:30

    I don’t see being a high maintenance girl as a problem as long as they’re earning what they spend. It’s like a personal achievement to be able to binge with your own self-earning cash 🙂

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