Life is simple (not)

Life can be real simple if we want it to be..

And if I want life to be that simple,
I will go bare-face all the time, no fuss with all that make-up, hair and nails;
I will wear flats all the time (tho I’m a little prone to falling in them);
I will date a guy who’s super into be, no heart-stopping moments, no zaa-zaa-zhu, no awkward moments.

And some people do think life is that simple, that’s why I’m a bad girl.
That girl who wears make-up. Perhaps, way too much.
That girl who wears heels too often.
That girl who wears clothes that look a bit funny sometimes–bearing too much.
That girl with the nose-piercing.

Thankfully, life ain’t all that simple. There’s always a little complexity, a little irony that make everything so much more fun, isn’t it?


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  1. nex
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 23:48:56

    when coco chanel first don a pair of trouser to the public, no one thought it was acceptable. Perhaps, fitting into the social norm is not able conforming with its acceptabilty. It’s to flaunt your asset into a herd mentality =)

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