Yesterday night was good.
Simple and innocent.


Let’s set the record straight

I’m gonna be a good girl.
No more rubbish, no more ambiguous crap.
I’ve said it once, and went back on my words.
Now, I’m gonna be harder on myself.

On the sidenote, I feel bad that I had to cancel on my students and my band members (again). April is always like that, which reminds me of the times I fell sick in the exam hall.. quite amazingly though, I was all good and well last April while touring Italy and Netherlands.
Good times, I call them.

With tears in my eyes, I finally had to admit that I’m at a emotional crossroad.

I’m lost. I’m torn. And I think I need to be left alone.

Be happy. But please go, without me.

How did I let my heart get into such trouble?

Psst. I still can’t open my mouth without the immerse pain. And I haven’t touched the guitar in days, thanks to the blisters on my hands (yup, it’s even a chore to walk). I’ve always hoped I don’t stop playing though, don’t stop being motivated to practice..
But now, I’m not sure. I don’t know if I will stop for good.

To my emotions:

You have a strict to-do list to complete.

They are as follows:

— Forget xx
— Stop indulging in the beautiful sin.

Gosh, I’m feeling horrible. And I can’t even speak properly now.


I think he ate my heart. When he is not suppose to.
So what now?


Down with Hand, foot and mouth.. very bad. I can never imagine having a child go thru this. I can’t even eat.


I finally understand the essence of to have tried and be (grossly)disappointed.
It’s a painful process to recovery, but I think it’s worth the pain.

Only then, my little heart can be unlocked, once again.

It has been too long.
So I’m moving on.

I’m sorry. We’ve all got an expiry date, and I’ve got to go before I run past my prime.

Ok, who’s next?
Let’s see.

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