The difference between good and bad.

I’m behaving more like a man now. No, perhaps, not like a man…but more of a jerk.

So far, I’ve dated all the assholes in the world, but none can measure up to the one who lives in my heart. The assholes were good for entertainment, but when the thrill is over, I realise they were just a form of convenient distraction.

I need you to ask me out, just once more. And I promise I won’t let the opportunity slip by like it did anymore.

You said, “You can buy me a drink”, and on another occasion “we should go watch the band”.. and I never made it happen.

Cos I’m afraid. I don’t know if you mean what you say.

Ironically, I’m ain’t afraid of bad boys, for we’re out to break each other’s heart. But when it comes to a good boy like you, you make me extra cautious.


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