I need to live. And not let you pass me by.

He said, “I don’t want us to be arguing, getting pissed and all. I want us to enjoy the time we spend together..”

I replied, “I know..and I know I’m neurotic at time. I know I’m really hard to get along with. The closer you get to me, the more I’ll expect of you.”

He smiled and said, “I already know that you are neurotic long ago.”

I can’t push my limits of us anymore. For now I truly realise I’ve been putting him through a lot of torment as well.

I want us to be happy. And I’ll try. I’ll try not to push him away, not to wait and expect him to screw things up.

Somehow, in us, I learn a lot about myself.

I am afraid to love. More afraid to lose.
But I can’t let get the better of me anymore.


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